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Million dollar question now

With current real estate circumstances, which one is better to invest for short term & long term.

1. Pakistan banao certificate (return in usd)
2. Real estate.

    172 days ago In Investors Advice
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    Another issue with these PBCs is that they can only be purchased by sending funds from foreign bank accounts. For all of those who have sent all their money on the call of the PM to support Pakistan are now can not buy those unless they remit them back to their foreign accounts and purchase the PBCs from there. Now the transfer of money from the Pakistani banks to the Foreign banks would be quite a hassle.
      171 days ago 

      (724 posts)

      I think you don't know the latest updates:

      In order to avoid arrest by NAB, Malik Riaz already ran away from Pakistan in his personal jet after SC's implementation bench rejected settlement offer of Bahria Town and ordered government to take back all illegally occupied lands from Bahria.

      Only way MR will be able to come back if he becomes witness against Zardari and provide all the evidences.

      Bahria Town lost it's daddy for now. Prices of plots have plummeted already. No buyer in markets. Offers coming for plots are 2-5 million below the peak prices. Genuine people are crying because they can't even sale anymore on such low offers.

      Only place going up is B-17 because of fake-market orchestration. They have been printing fake-news about Margalla avenue again and 100% of their dealer network is controlled. Therefore, 100% of market rates are controlled.

      There is no free market mechanism in place at B-17 anymore. Every dealer is being controlled and coached by Multi to quote higher prices.

        171 days ago 

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          171 days ago 

          (540 posts)
          @JDM: Malik Riaz is just a front man, no harm shall come to him or to his business.
            171 days ago 

            Abdul Qayyum
            (1963 posts)
            I cannot understand when people say " real property" is down?
            We bought a plot in Usman block less than a year before at 35 lacs all inclusive and sold last month at 36 lacs. Is it a sign of being down.
            We are making a house in E sector on a 10 Marla. Plot was bought around 55 and now at the same place, similar plot not possible to get below 60 lacs!
            This house having open basement, a dealer told me that upon completion it might get 20 plus lacs of profit. Is it a sign of being down while MR being in deep waters?
            Just started prerequisites of our 6 story plaza in overseas 5 and ground floor has already been booked whereas still no digging activity at sight...just doing paper work!
            May be when people say it is down, they mean it cannot be doubled in one week or overnight?
            In DHA valley go check the prices of allotted plots....a jump of 6 lacs in one go!
            Yes, it is down on files, just paper, no real property and it is mistake of buyers who gambled their money!
            In Pindi in muhallala abadees, residential is expensive than even Bahria town and still appreciating. 7-8 lacs per Marla is common price in all Pindi.
            You will see MR will never leave his BT and get it settled at whatever cost. Once it happens, BT will again rise. Yes it can be said it is in correction but going down of real property !@@
              171 days ago 

              (724 posts)
              @Aftab Khattak

              If you really think, investing in real estate is also 100% haram at this point.

              When you know millions of Pakistanis will not have a roof over their head because people like you and me wants to buy extra plots and hold the market hostage, raise land prices ten-fold and eventually make it out of reach for rest of the nation.

              During HAZRAT UMAR R.A. Tenure, one tajir wanted to invest in horses and sell them for profit making. Hazrat Umar told him that he cannot do this because if he does it then rest of people in his state will not have any feed left for their horses. Prices of feed will skyrocket and therefore, his investment in horses was declared illegal.

              Likewise, considering that Pakistanis cities already have real estate more expensive even when compared to a modern city like Istanbul.

              Even modern state like USA has laws where the minute you buy 2nd property in your name, your taxes skyrocket and this is how they discourage people from holding extra properties, making them available for those who can't even afford one property.

                171 days ago 

                (1192 posts)
                "If you really think, investing in real estate is also 100% haram at this point.

                When you know millions of Pakistanis will not have a roof over their head because people like you and me wants to buy extra plots and hold"

                -- If done with illegal money and evading tax than YES, otherwise NO.

                -- By that logic, saving in your account while million of fellow humans don't even have money for single bread also gets Haram.

                -- Basics of economy don't work like that. A person having multiple plots (with legal money) keeps the money within the state, pays the taxes, constructs home to play his parts in keeping many industries and supply chain in employment.

                -- Multiple plots can be use to construct homes that can be rented to provide roof to those who cannot afford to own their own home.

                ** No Religion, Society, Morality stops you from earning more and more in the legal way. Yes there are mechanisms of wealth distribution like Tax or Zakat or Charity etc. that is responsibility of the State to get from the privileged the due share and distribute it to the needy while ensuring the protection for all.

                -- US or for that sake EU real estate is heavily influenced by mortgaging model that encourages and facilitates the people to buy supported by banks. The Tax is not on buying the multiple to discourage but buying more represents more wealth and that extra tax is on the magnitude of wealth whether that is used to buy real estate, vehicle or any other excessive asset.

                For the record, Hazrat Usman's Wealth was in accumulation within a Single Person but that Wealth was used to help the needy and as per the directives of Shariah.

                The distinction of Halal and Haram is quite clear (except when one's life and honor is in danger), lets leave that up to the people to whatever path they prefer for them, rather than finding Haram and Halal when its not there.

                ** As a personal view, yes certificates-driven profits and revenue (under discussion in this thread) does involve interest/riba.
                  171 days ago 

                  Sohail Khan
                  (176 posts)
                    170 days ago 

                    (724 posts)
                    As usual most stupid comment award goes to "Imtiaz"

                    So, you must be more smarter than Hazrat Umar R.A.?

                    Comparing land supply which is limited vs money supply which can be unlimited as state bank can print it as per requirements of the market. Man you are dumb as a brick and still you utter non-sense 24/7.

                    What a dishonest soul! You are not even worth my time so this is all you get.

                      170 days ago 

                      (1192 posts)
                      "... land supply which is limited vs money supply which can be unlimited as state bank can print it as per requirements of the market...."

                      -- State Bank are you listening? *PRINT unlimited MONEY as the market requires you to do it. Don't worry, if land supply is limited in the country, Buy Offshore land with UNLIMITED PRINTED MONEY as foreign investment*

                      The FACTS:



                      RIP! Logic & Basic Human Decency.

                      1. If the above quoted, by any means is a *sign of intellect*, in that case let me be a happy "dumb as a brick"

                      2. Any authentic source/link to the Umer R.A. stance on prohibiting to invest in horses? If there is any authentic source, that deserves to be shared with the 'dumb bricks'

                      -- The day, I bothered to give the SLIGHTEST DAMN to the MOST STUPID and whatever he spills here, will prefer to quit commenting more than anything else...

                      -- I aspire the following and try to:

                      "Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

                      ENOUGH SAID!!
                        170 days ago 

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