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Million dollar question now

With current real estate circumstances, which one is better to invest for short term & long term.

1. Pakistan banao certificate (return in usd)
2. Real estate.

    261 days ago In Investors Advice
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    (48 posts)
    Lol this thread went south pretty fast!
      258 days ago 

      A M Abbasi
      (269 posts)
      There are people here who try to drag conversation from logical answers to the unethical conversation. Argument should be under decent limit. Some time i wonder some people really want to talk property and give argument intelligently or they are here to create rifts and uneasiness in the forum.
        258 days ago 

        (11 posts)
        Another point to consider that there is a 2% Advance Tax on purchase of property > PKR 4 million for Overseas Filer Pakistani, and the tax is almost impossible to get refunded.

        Does this aspect make PB Certificates more attractive option?
          258 days ago 

          (352 posts)
          @JDM sahib,

          Extremely shocked to see your rough language pa wallah....... There were millions of way that you should have replied in a better way......

          Muhammad SAW prayed " Either umar or Abbu Jehal must be converted to Islam" ......

          Umar was chosen why? Because Umar was respectful in life and Abbu jehel was not respectful in general life......

          Please cool down bros and respect the opinion of others and this is the charming of Hujra.....
            258 days ago 

            Aftab Khatta..
            (96 posts)
            Friends, i always refer to Quran when i see some thing to decide. About the above, i google "avoid Fool, Islam" it comes Hazrat Ali Qool "The moment you start arguing with an ignorant fool, you have already lost.”

            In Pakistan, because of this galam galoch culture, many rich people have left to Dubai and Bangladesh. Lets try to stop this galam galoch culture, lets respect each other.

            I liked Mr Ilyas, when he says "Wroora (Means Brother), even if he says harsh words, i have a smile on my face. So lets start with respect otherwise, this is just a temporary place, we go, reads and move on. The real world is outside, where we have to fight and compete.

            I like Qayum positive side, that he is happy with a small margin. An indication of a successful person.

            My advice (i am a finance person) stay away from this bond. Your chances of loosing your money is very high, rest is individual decision.
              258 days ago 

              (15 posts)
                258 days ago 

                (1294 posts)
                *Apologies, slight off-topic

                Respect and peace for fellow forumers (brothers). I try my best to be at-least respectful and provide proper evidence/source (whatever available) for whatever expressed. I think, Islam and its principle must not be subject to fabricated claims just to prove the wrong as right, it never serves any good to any one.

                I believe this forum is a great way to contribute and learn from each other while maintaining the spirit of community-driven knowledge sharing and discussions in a respected and tolerable way. Having said that, any foul-mouthed must be kept in his/her place, where he/she belongs to as arrogance and disrespect must not be tolerated when one runs out of logic and arguments, that is how social progression and filtering works.

                All fellow forumers, Keep up the spirits and your contributions!! - Be Blessed.
                  258 days ago 

                  (352 posts)
                  Respected Khattak sahib, I gotta tell you a quote from one Kafir baba ji........ John D. Rockefeller...


                  A couple of days ago I had recommended you a movie.... WAR DOGS.... watch it... based on real events and to great extent I am the witness of that as well.....

                  I would go with you and will recommend real estate......

                  Certificates are too safe... And you will never make big money while playing too safe..... qasam da... it is what it is....

                    258 days ago 

                    (436 posts)
                    On topic, usually when the return on govt issued bonds is high it suggests that the issuer is vulnerable, I think the return being offered is generous, I don’t know if GOP has ever defaulted in these type of instruments in the past or not ,

                    But it might effect investments in property portfolio by overseas Pakistanis,
                      258 days ago 

                      Rauf Khan
                      (55 posts)
                      This forum is for discussions regarding property business/investments and I think the admin should try and keep all threads limited to this topic otherwise such unpleasent situations will arise again. We are all educated people, adults and should be polite at all times. At worst you should agree to disagree.
                        258 days ago 

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