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[6 Replies]
Hi respected advisers & gurus.

I've spent the past 2 days reading through forums & forums. I've finally made an account to ask you all this question

I will be investing for the first time this coming december, please help me choose between the following;

- new lahore city
- park avenue
- al kabir town

I will be investing in two schemes so please help this brother out.

Also, if you have any other reliable scheme in mind where you have invested, please refer them to me.

Please note, im looking forward to buy a 5 marla plot in both the schemes i choose.

Waiting for for your valuable feedback, brothers.

    742 days ago In Investors Advice
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    Chaudhary Qa..
    (1 post)
    Brother I will recommend you Al-kabir town & Khayaban-e-Amin, as both societies are under development and margin of profit are higher here as compared to other societies and there rates are so economical.

    For details please contact Me here or +923234549939
      742 days ago 

      Aftab Khatta..
      (120 posts)
      Before you invest in any place, i keep the the following in my mind.

      - always buy plot in secure society, like DHA,

      - Always buy plot, where you can stand, mean it should have a physical identifiable plot.

      - Invest in plot that you can sell in next 10 days. Dont invest in future plots. Offocurse if you have extra money, you can take risk. But for initials plots, only buy in proper plots.

      I always use these principals to buy plots and have never lost in this business.
        741 days ago 

        Abdul Rahman..
        (29 posts)
        Plot prices are gonna fall given the action against black money. You can Invest here instead, good option with excellent return via rental income:

        Contact me for further details. Excellent opportunity.
          740 days ago 

          Ali Haider
          (16 posts)
          Invest in commercial plots because there ROI is 30% to 40% yearly while residential property ROI is 10% to 15%. Invest in MONTVIRO. Best Security plans for your mall and 5 star hotel rooms available.

          Contact for details 03325131050
            714 days ago 

            (51 posts)
            Refrain from investing in any of the listed societies. Hold on to your investment for a couple of months, meet trusted people back home or friends you can rely on and make a very calculated decision. Internet is full of people who just want you to put your money in some projects for their commissions.
              713 days ago 

              Haseeb Sulta..
              (3 posts)
              Hello Mr Hayat,

              I am looking forward to sell my 3 bed apartment located near shama chowk, lahore. I have had it for the last 8-10 years now and collecting rent. I am also an overseas living in Dubai so i know the feel. Please feel free to contact me whatsaap or call on 00971502645192
                711 days ago 

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