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Hamad Raza
( 17 posts )

[175 Replies]
What are the comments of experts on the statement of chairman fbr. "property prices soon will come down!"

    90 days ago In Investors Advice
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    (768 posts)
    If Niazi was sincere about corruption then he would start within his own party and minsters first. He has been hiding his foreign funding and election commission has been silent. Arif Naqvi of Abraaj who has been funding him is himself wanted by the US for alleged financial crime. He gave Niazis number when he was arrested in. UK.

    This is not about corruption.
      39 days ago 

      (569 posts)
      Ilyas bro, are you referring to War Dogs (2016) by The Hangover director, in which 2 young lads from Miami defeat the US defense procurement system? That I have already watched twice and gave 7 out of 10. Jonah Hill is a genius actor.

      So go ahead, what's in your mind?

        39 days ago 

        (347 posts)
        I have the WAR DOGS 2 story, The theme is the same as original war dogs story.... But the field of operation is different but with the same US Defense department..... once i tell you the story you would rate it at least 8 and it is more funnier than the original war dogs BASED ON THE REAL LIFE EVENTS of an "Individual"......

        I need a writer to write the story with a beautiful dark comedy as you do in your posts and then sell the story to the hollywood or publish it in USA.... it is a million $ story..... If you are ready to be the writer of this story then let me know and we can fix the terms and conditions......
          38 days ago 

          Nadeem Ahmed
          (4330 posts)
          As-salamu alaykum Dear Brothers,

          Happy Eid Al Adha Mubarak to all forum members.

          May you find a million reason to make your life more beautiful on this day.May the joy of Eid be multiplied a thousand times and stay with you forever.

            38 days ago 

            (23 posts)
            I m in the process to buy a 10 marla in ph 8 sector E, i would like to ask experts how are the plots in street 8 n what should be the price
              37 days ago 

              Abdul Qayyum
              (2029 posts)
              Salman sb.
              In phase-8, each plot has it's own introduction as the whole phase was very uneven before earth moving machinery of bahria entered in the forest some 15 years ago.
              It all depends upon the results of " soil testing" of the plot, you are interested in, sir.
              Look for the holes in plot, if spotted it means soil testing has already been done.
              The report is always fat and tells details of the land strength.
              Sector E is my favourite and we are making a house there as well.
              The price of a 10 marla is extremely different plot to plot. A corner plot on bahria expressway solid land touching 65 lacs and some corner plots even touching 70 lacs. Filling plots can be bought at Rs 44 to 46 lacs.
              Dealer will tell you a famous good news of extra land. Beware of it.....some of these " extra land" were extended by deep filling toward lower area of the terrain.
              If you can make a deal of 10 marla away from main boulevards st solid land @ Rs 55 lacs, I would say you are a lucky person.
                37 days ago 

                Ali Kamran
                (29 posts)
                Gentlemen, India is a terrible example in every case. As is USA. The populace in both countries is highly nationalistic, and mostly ignorant. Their media, whether free or not, plays on that. On the plus side, they have a highly developed sense of a nation.

                I actually take a certain small amount of pride in the fact that even our mainstream media (for all its faults) has some gall to share stories that may border on anti-national but which align with my own sense of what truth and justice may be. On the flip side, the primary reason they are able to do that is because there is a sizable population in the country that has its ultimate loyalties and imaginations attached to faiths other than that in country of Pakistan. I think I would still prefer knowledge over ignorance and misguided sense of nationalism.

                @Imtiaz sahab, I am selling no chouran, bro, haha, though I suppose the government is. They are not wrong, however, are they? Things are actually precarious, are they not? Of course that shouldn't be a reason to stop criticizing the government. And while I think people are being rightly angry, I also feel they are being short-sighted. Additionally, of course, I am placing a slight degree of trust in the government, which is based on my own opinion and understanding. Wrong or right, the time will tell.

                I used to be a die-hard PTI supporter at the time of 2013 elections but when PMLN was elected, my contention was that it should complete its term. And when Imran pulled all those stunts, he lost all of my support, respect and love. So I agree that was absolutely pathetic.
                  36 days ago 

                  (1275 posts)
                  Ali sb, my reference was towards a generalized narrative (as a nation) that some wanna-be ultra-nationalist try to portray (chouran selling) as if - out of trillion ways to progress - whole world has one agenda, i.e., to conspire against us and that is very reason for our Challanges. That is what our rulers want that their mess to be sold as intl. conspiracy againts us. True that, in world we have many anti/pro elements but that doesn't change the facts most of the troubles are purely self-inflicted.

                  As far as I have read your posts, they sound balanced, makes sense and of-course a welcome addition to our collective views and expressions being shared on the forum. Keep that up!

                  ** Eid Mubarik to all, Stay Blessed! **
                    36 days ago 

                    Abdul Qayyum
                    (2029 posts)

                    We wish and pray on this day of Eid, for the blessings to be showered from Almighty Allah on yourself, family members and the dearmosts.

                    Let’s commit today we shall strive hard for the betterment of our cultural values, to sacrifice our egos, to contribute for our society, to conserve water, to practice and fashion Islam by actions and to pay our taxes in an effort to get our Nation one step ahead and to improve the lives of ours and of our country men ....!

                    May Allah Bless You All
                      36 days ago 

                      (46 posts)
                      Eid Mubarak to all respected members.

                      May this Eid bring joy and happiness to all Muslims, ameen

                      Please dont forget Kashmiri brethren on this auspicious day.
                        36 days ago 

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