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( 9 posts )

[8 Replies]
Question for investors - is buying a residential plot in faisal hills (rda) a good investment idea?

I have zero knowledge regarding property. But i know about bahria/dha scams and issues people faced. So is faisal hills a safe investment?

Please let me know your valuable opinions.

Thank you!

    1243 days ago In Investors Advice
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    (344 posts)
    Here plots are on installments.

    Its long term but it is safe as its developer has good reputation in market.
      1243 days ago 

      Prop Guide
      (6959 posts)
      @ Junaid sb,

      Nothing is absolutely risk free when it comes to private developers.... FH is a pvt project of Ch. Abdul Majeed sb.... Who has already developed Faisal Town A Block.... Development is going on at good pace in B Block of FT....

      They have acquired land of about 4000 Kanals in Faisal Hills area..... If developed in time... Then YES, it is good investment option.

      Plz do your own proper homework before making any investment decision.

        1242 days ago 

        Asif Shahbaz
        (86 posts)
        "If developed in time... Then YES, it is good investment option"


        Aglay nay Investment abhi karni hay aur ye guru kya kah raha hay hahhahhahaa. Junaid bhai abhi intizar karo .. time per develop ho gaya to ye achi investment ho jai gi. Lol
          1242 days ago 

          Prop Guide
          (6959 posts)
          @ Asif Shahbaz

          I can understand your pain.....

          Multiple ID syndrome...
            1242 days ago 

            Raheel Asgha..
            (7 posts)
            Mr Khan I sent you private message for guidance no reply. Please check email.
              1242 days ago 

              Amir Mahmood
              (3 posts)

              I have taken a plot of 30*60 in FH.

              Can you plz help me that it is a good investment for long term for making own house.

              Also tell me about Margalla avenue as it was started in 2012 but still in progress

                1228 days ago 

                Prop Guide
                (6959 posts)
                I have given my comment on your separate thread.

                  1228 days ago 

                  Sajjad ahmad
                  (21 posts)
                  I think FH will give a good return as the annoucement of balloting is expected in this nonth.
                    1224 days ago 

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