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Sufiyan Mahm..
( 111 posts )

[6 Replies]
Many of my overseas connections, and myself, seek to relocate to smaller cities of pakistan in the coming years. The idea is to simply escape the highly stressful routine of big cities regardless of the urbanisation these offer. However, do we expect sufficient development (as the current government repeatedly mentions) of small cities to make such relocation possible?

    376 days ago In General Advice
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    Qasim Kazmi
    (7 posts)
    It depends on the "Many" you mentioned, whether they can settle in smaller cities,have basic facilities and amenities,fetch a good living for the family and themselves, I can only imagine farm life where everything have to be arranged like electricity,gas, security ,water, sewerage n waste,if it implies that and this became possible then it is a very good idea. Save the expensive plot money and spend it on your farm.
      376 days ago 

      (16 posts)
      What about your work? Will you have a passive income coming? if yes then nothing like that. If not then you still have to, probably, travel to distance for work.

      Any specific place where you are planning to settle?
        376 days ago 

        Sufiyan Mahm..
        (111 posts)
        That is exactly my point. Can we not expect enough development that people will sustain a stable lifestyle without spending large amounts of money? And farm life wouldn't be bad, but i don't think many people would be willing to live so. More like, they are incapable of living like that.
          364 days ago 

          (576 posts)
          Nice discussion :)
            362 days ago 

            Sufiyan Mahm..
            (111 posts)
            Mr Khalid, I would like if you can give your opinions on this matter.
              356 days ago 

              Sanmita sahu
              (1 post)
              Hey nice point
                307 days ago 

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