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I am planning to build my house and for that i know a good contractor who is known for his honesty. The terms he is setting is that he will overlook the buying of material and overlook the labor and for that supervision he will charge me 10% of the total cost of the expenditure. So in a way its neither labor cost nor turnkey. Please someone shed some light on it as whether these terms also exist in market and is it favorable for the client like me.


P.S- i am hiring this contractor as i will not be able to give time on the project. The max i can visit is once a week

    1607 days ago In General Advice
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    Baber Rabban..
    (1628 posts)
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    Yes. Such terms are practiced in the market. If he really is honest than its fine. But he will have no motivation for saving your money.

    If I am sure that contractor is honest than I will accept these terms. But if I am doubtful even to little extent that he might not be honest, I will never do that. I don't know where honest contractors are.

    Usually construction is started in very good atmosphere and ends up in ugly manner.

    Most of the contractors are with beard, nimazi and extremely polite as its part of their marketing.
      1607 days ago 

      (405 posts)
      Agreed with Mr Malik. It is a tricky job and honesty of contractor is a key alas we are missing honesty as a nation. As you mentioned you know the contractor that's fine so trust him and leave the rest on Allah SWT Jo dilloun k bhed janta hy.
        1607 days ago 

        Nadeem Ahmed
        (4309 posts)
        Agree with B.R Malik,

        It has been incredibly difficult to find an honest contractor.

          1607 days ago 

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