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[501 Replies]
Today through Zameen newsletter, I am amazed to know how easily the government can ask to revoke the NOC for the societies around New Islamabad Airport, if this happens then what will be the security for people who have invested in this society? Do you think we shall keep the investments there or shall we sell it and move on as soon as possible? Please share your thoughts about the future of Top City-1.

    1960 days ago In General Advice
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    Nadeem Ahmed
    (4338 posts)
    I am very hopeful at end TOP CITY will get Benefit inshAllah.
      1954 days ago 

      (1 post)

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        1954 days ago 

        (641 posts)
        Please dont get loan on interest. ALLAH and HIS RASOOL(PBUM) have declared it haram. Sood leny or deny ko ALLAH or us k Rasool( PBUM) k sath jang kerny k baraber kha gaya hai.

        So dont put yourself in "war" with ALLAH aad his Nabi. It will not give you any benefit rather will become a fitna for you and family.

        May ALLAH give us all his blessings(ameen)
          1954 days ago 

          (1278 posts)
          Good job bluedoctor.

          Soodh is haraam and we should refrain from it.

          on the side note, any updates on TC?
            1954 days ago 

            Shehzad Ali ..
            (232 posts)
            Yes blue doctor is 100% right ..interest should be discouraged at any forum
              1954 days ago 

              Nadeem Ahmed
              (4338 posts)
              I am totally agreed with Bluedoctor.

                1954 days ago 

                Khan Sahib
                (418 posts)
                Moanmendfund is reading us a page from years old Nigerian-style scam book. The other pages of the book carry stories of sending out bulk emails informing people about lotteries of millions and millions of dollars. Yet another page of the same book would tell you about a widow of a millionnaire who is hell bent upon giving you millions of dollars of her inherited money for free. Similarly, a banker would offer you many millions left by a millionnaire who got killed in a plane crash.

                Admin, please don't let these cheap thugs introude to the decent space of zameen.
                  1954 days ago 

                  (1278 posts)
                  Tc key barey mein mukammal khamoshi ho gayi hey....

                  seems like koi issue ho gaya hey
                    1954 days ago 

                    (610 posts)
                    Good job Bluedoctor !
                      1953 days ago 

                      Malik Majeed
                      (476 posts)
                      I visited Top City office in G-11 yesterday along with one of my friends. We met three of TC officials there separately and raised our concerns about the news and rumers about development work, impact of airport security measures on TC, road access etc. Here is what was the feed back:

                      - "We are hearing all this as well in media. In fact all this is just 'showbazi'. There is nothing going on on-ground. Neither RDA and CAA, nor Senate body is moving any change in already approved NOCs. The news/rumers going on are similar to what we heard about Rawat Airport from Pakistan's Prime Minister a few months back".

                      - NHA is preparing design of new Islamabad Interchange/ Toll Plaza at Motorway, close to the existing interchane. This is going to be two Toll Plazas, one each for M1 and M2. KH will pass under the existing MW bridge passing through TC/MC. Access given or not is something not decided yet.

                      - Development work in Top City is ongoing as usual (My friend confirms this who visited TC site last week). Soon carpeting of roads will start. Lighting are installed and functioning in most of the main roads and some of the internal roads in B and C. Block A to D are planned to be handed over in one go by Dec this year.

                      - TC is going to arrange a big Iftar dinner after 20th Ramzan, members will be briefied about the latest updates and developments there.

                      Friends please note that all what I shared here is what I learnt from TC management yesterday. Good if someone else from formum members, living in ISB/ RWP could also visit TC office and get all this confirmed.
                        1953 days ago 

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