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Is it the right time to Invest in Property in Pakistan. Need different opinions so that we will get the best opinion with best arguments.

    2966 days ago In Investors Advice
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    Well if you look for the past five years property investment in Pakistan has mostly been a loss! Either the property prices have gone down or stayed the same (indirect loss). The current problems in Pakistan are too deep rooted and will take many years to get resolved. So it is recommend to only buy properties for living these days in Pakistan especially for overseas Pakistanis who have foreign currency. These days and for the past five years gold and foreign currency are doing better then property investment!
      2965 days ago 

      (105 posts)
      I'm not an expert neither in gold nor in propoerty but I would look not filling befor deciding.

      > in dollar terms gold has been going up for last decade and did reach $1900/ounce level a few months bcd.
      > appreciation in gold was dominantly effected by problems in the US economic growth and peer developed countries.
      > gold is used as a value saver especially in bad times.
      > now that economies have started to recover gold should be stable around current dollar value.
      > Pakistani rupee keeps on depreciating over time so gold will be able to give some return however this will be mainly due to depreciation if rupee and annual return would be around 10 to 15 percent at most.
      > investing in property is long term play and investing in right kind of place could really help to earn more than gold.

      See if you could spare money for three to five years, if yes,investment in property should be able to give better returns that gold.

      And last thing don't put all your eggs in once basket, it's better to split investment between various venues, invest some in gold and some in property.
        2952 days ago 

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