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[24 Replies]
After making some wrong investments, its better to ask wise peoples before getting trapped.

Here is my question, where to invest 10 millions in islamabad/rawalpindi for better returns/home construction in 2-3 years?

Is is possible to buy a house in this range and is it safe to leave it closed for years like oversea holiday home?

    15 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Nadeem Ahmed
    (4437 posts)
    Dear Shah,

    For good return CDA is always better option like I sectors according to your budget but try to invest in developed sectors.

    Dha-3 or Dha-5 also good good option for investment as for living purpose.In my opinion Dha-3 serene city is much better option.

    I saw many overseas families living in Bahria who spent holidays and yearly visited Pakistan but you have to keep one permanent servant who care your house and monthly paid utilities bills.

    Other way purchase double unit house and one unit rent out and other keep close.In your budget Bahria Safari Valley 7marla double unit house around 12 to 16 million depend on location.

      15 days ago 

      (143 posts)
      Thank you Nadeem sb, I will try to explore these areas and wait for further suggestions from forum experts like Abdul Qayum sb and Imtiaz sb etc to take final call.
        15 days ago 

        Abdul Qayyum
        (2308 posts)
        Shah sb
        Nadeem sb advice is good for the price appreciation and quality of life in bahria phase-8 in 2-3 years time frame as per your projection.
        However safari valley gets a secondary preference in phase-8 if one prefers wide streets with street shoulders and general look.
        You can also consider phase-8 sector E1 and F sectors, located at height and scenic with wide streets. These sectors getting popular from RRR point of view as well.
        CDA sectors are money making machine but I-series sectors does not offer quality of life as bahria or DHA-3 offers!
        DHA-5 and DHA-3, 5 Marla plots have become equal on price bracket but, as Khalid said, on different thread...civic amenities are better as of now in DHA-3 than DHA-5.
        In my personal opinion, DHA-5 will win horse race in near future after Islamabad highway becomes signal free.
        One thing specially in phase-8 to be considered seriously in phase-8....if you are living abroad and put property on the guard disposal, he might put it for leasure activities on daily basis...if he is a dishonest person!
        Unfortunately bahria phase-8 is gaining bad name in this regard as well as on liquor availability!
        Phase-8 has both mediocre and elite class...the later is becoming famous about what I said above!
        If one is looking for the above both activities, people will direct to phase-8!
        I know other areas are also not Pak and saaf but unfortunately this is happening in phase-8, reportedly!
        Guard selection is very important .
          13 days ago 

          (143 posts)
          Qayyum Sb thank you so much for your expert advice, I did not consider the drawback of having security guards.

          In that case what do you suggest if I invest these funds into plot for 2-3 years.

          Which area of Islamabad/Rawalpindi do you suggest where prices will appreciate and after 2-3 years the area is ready with all the amenities for safe living.
            12 days ago 

            (1888 posts)
            Shah sb, considering the core criteria that you have mentioned:

            10 Million + Best Possible Returns + 2-3 years time in ISB/RWP

            I will add to what Nadeem sb and AQ sb have said

            -- Different people see returns differently.
            **A. Price appreciation of Plots
            **B. Price appreciation of House (Plot price Increase + Profit in Constructed Unit)
            **C. House Construction starting to get more and more expensive due to rising inflation, unstable PKR and increased taxation. Personally speaking, if I have amount I will try to construct today rather than tomorrow, otherwise margins get compromised.
            **D Monthly Rental Returns (while appreciation of B as well)

            -- In addition to DH/BT/CDA (good enough options) Bahria Enclave and Gulberg Residencia are also solid options. Enclave is not that lucrative for pure investment purposes but suits well if one want to have quality living while at holidays. It is still good if selling is targeted towards overseas clients.

            -- If you wanna also utilise your property as a holiday home (that actually is the real joy and value of it) consider Enclave, Phase 8, DHA, Gulberg Residencia possession options.

            -- Pure plot based investments in 10 Million bracket, I would go with
            ** 1 5-Marla in CDA I-series sectors (I-12, I-15, I-16) in
            ** 1 7-Marla Possession plot in Gulberg Residencia.

            -- It depends on ones financial preferences to rent out one portion and reserve one for oneself. Finding a decent tenant can be a luck factor but if you have the tenancy that generates monthly income and eliminates the needs for a guard too!
              11 days ago 

              Aftab Khatta..
              (118 posts)
              Hello Shah, i will recommend with this price range, buy one kanal plot in DHA 5, phase G or H. Army is building Askari flats in Sector H so within a year, it will have good number of residents. Also Quide Azam Int Hospital is in process in DHA 5. My best advice to u.
                11 days ago 

                Abdul Qayyum
                (2308 posts)
                Agreed with Aftab sb. DHA-5 will be winner in near future.
                All attractions in DHA-2 are at the door step of DHA-5. You just need to cross the Islamabad highway.
                Even to access RRR at Rawat, DHA-2 & 5 almost same distance.
                Sector G ground work is ongoing and likely to give good profit In Shaa Allah.
                RRR land acquisition summary have been submitted:
                1st phase is planned 51km to Hakla CPEC...Second phase to join Texla and 3rd to Islamabad.
                I hope RRR will not become new airport which was planned at 34 billions and currupt cartel took it to more than 100.
                Thumps up to Maruim's closs buddy who took contract and looted
                Hope Imran's corrupt cartel will keep it less!
                  11 days ago 

                  (1888 posts)
                  Apologies: Off-topic but On-facts!!

                  1. "I hope RRR will not become new airport which was planned at 34 billions and currupt cartel took it to more than 100."

                  --> Sir let me fix that with a more recent and precise example:

                  'PES BRT that was planned at a Cost of 41 BN and reached 71 BN and still *Not Operational* with Flaming Buses each passing day!'

                  **Decide, if the awam wants New ISB Airport (Operational) or PES BRT (Non-operational). New Airport was started in late 2005 so just get the reality check who was incharge in 2005**
                  Self Explanatory!!

                  2. "Thumps up to Maruim's closs buddy who took contract and looted"

                  --> I didnt knew China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), NESPAK, NLC who designed terminals and runways are *Maruim's closs buddy* unless I am missing the obvious.

                  My point, we, including myself look upto knowledgeable members especially AQ sb with their view and guidance, I don't mind bias as AQ is a guru for me but distorted and fake facts to make a point serves no one and backfires ...



                    11 days ago 

                    Abdul Qayyum
                    (2308 posts)
                    This has been proved that the father in law of Marium's daughter, Mian Munir, minted 560 million kick backs from Islamabad airport contractor....proved and no denial from Marium side or Mian Munir so far!
                    I said, "I hope Imran's cartel keep it low"!
                    BRT is same....all are same when it comes to corruption and when all are same, let Imran complete his tenure.
                    See the plain lies, Marium and molee Fazul are spreading?
                    I am not siding anyone but Imran is honest and has done so many good legislations , Sharif cartel could never even think of.
                    یی پلا نواز جو بک رہا ہے۔۔آپ اب بھی اس سنڈاس کے کیڑے کا دفاع کرنے پر تلے ہوئے ہیں؟
                    یی بد بخت انڈیا کا ایجنڈا لئیے بکواس کر رہا ہے اور نہ جانے اپنی کرپشن بچانے کے لئیے کس حد تک جا سکتا ہے۔۔۔؟
                    اس کا دفاع کرنا اپنے آپ کو اسی کی صف میں کھڑا کرنا ہے۔۔۔

                      11 days ago 

                      Rauf Khan
                      (84 posts)
                      Dear Shah sahib, I have faced the same dilemma that you are currently facing i.e how to make a safe and profitable investment inh Pakistan while being based overseas. Abdul Qayyum sahin, Imtiaz sahib and Aftab sahib have no doubt given you excellent advice as I have been following them on this forum for a few years now. As AQ sahib correctly pointed out you need a trust worthy person to look after your investment/property in your absence. If you manage to find a god fearing person (do not mind paying more then the market rate salary) as a guard only then buy a property for using as holiday purposes. Better if you can find a decent tenant for 1 portion (on a 2 unit/portion property) that also solves your problem and also takes care of your property expenses. I have also heard many stories of properties being abused in their owners abscence but there are still good people around and if you look hard I am sure you will find someone maybe a distant relative retired from armed forces etc. Good Luck!
                        11 days ago 

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