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Ved Prakash
( 2 posts )

[10 Replies]
I am planning to invest in a plot/land, and my investment horizon is minimum 20 years from today. I am not interested in doing any construction work or moving to that property, it'll be solely for best ROI.

Considering this, which area or neighborhoods should i look for, investing?



    11 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (116 posts)
    Invest on chakri road, specially commercial plots on main road. Prices are dirt cheap right now and it will surely get a boost in 5-10 years.
      10 days ago 

      Zarkon Anwa..
      (123 posts)
      DHA Valley will be good after few yrs specially the sectors on which development is going on.
        9 days ago 

        (1334 posts)
        20 Years (i.e., on avg. 1/3 to 1/4) of today's human life is way too stretched a span to do any meaningful predictions. Here is the wildest guess and long shots come 2039-2040

        ** Nation wide: Gawadr new Master plan is approved and came across something like Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan (2017-2050). Add CPEC routes under the same umbrella. Further could be explored, as there, I guess are different categories of NOCs for residential and commercial.

        KHI, LHR, other members could highlight more or better, first hand knowledge.

        ** RWP/ISB: CDA is in pursuance of revised master plan, areas to look for under RDA/CDA. It needs to be seen whether CDA goes beyond its normal limit of sector 17. Also, when on earth RDA goes beyond these non-ending meetings or PC-X for RRR.

        - Bhara Kau
        - Rawat
        - Fateh Jhang and Proximity in the context of New Airport
        - H sectors for sure is among best candidates but need to be seen beyond H-14 to H-17, would that be reserved only for
        Administrative utilisation or for public construction too.

        - E, I, D sectors beyond 12 series, in order of given preference are bound to rise.

        - Areas on or adjacent to Charki, Adyala Road or sure will be among big winners.

        - Commercial activities are booming towards Murree side (Lower Topa, New Murree, etc.)

        These are more like areas, rather then exact spots/land. However, each could be explore to see where exactly (i.e., which piece of land, housing projects, etc.) at each area lies more growth.

        For examples which part/subsectors of E, I, D are to go for long term or short term, commercial or residential, available budget, etc. needs another, more scaled down debate. Economic cycles (inflation, Currency valuation, regulations, etc. etc.) are assumed to be how they are.
          9 days ago 

          (865 posts)
          Gwadar Green Palm
            9 days ago 

            Ikram Ul haq
            (108 posts)
            Go for DHA Quetta. Dont forget to thank me after 20 years. :)
              6 days ago 

              (442 posts)
              Invest on mars
                6 days ago 

                (602 posts)
                This is a million dollar question.
                  6 days ago 

                  Ali Chaudhry
                  (1 post)
                  I believe land prices will grow exponentially towards Fateh Jang and Chakri as ISB and RWP expand. I would wager that more so towards Fateh Jang because of the new airport, and also the CPEC Western Route. Personally, I have seen prices skyrocket near the CPEC Exit (still under construction) on Fatehjang-Talagang Road by over 400-500% in the past 4 years or so, and have acquired land there almost 2 years back for future commercial purposes.
                    4 days ago 

                    (116 posts)
                    Girja Road, Lakhu road are also dirt cheap, that area also can be considered, 1 kanal land average price is around 15 Lac - 20 Lac, on main road prices are around 30 Lac per kanal.
                      3 days ago 

                      Waleed Khan
                      (2 posts)
                      Park view city "OVERSEAS BLOCK"

                      New bookings , 3 years installment plan.

                      5 and 10 Marla Residential Plots For Sale On 3 Years Easy Installments - Park View City Islamabad (CDA approved society)

                      CDA Approved Society In Islamabad.

                      Gated Community

                      24/7 Electricity & Gas

                      Schools, Hospitals, Libraries

                      First Downtown Commercial In Islamabad Pakistan

                      Minimum 50 Feet Wide Streets

                      5 Marla total : 45 lac

                      down payment : 9 lac

                      quarterly installments : 3 lac

                      10 Marla total : 80 lac

                      down payment : 16 lac

                      quarterly installments : 533,333/=

                      And also more option available

                      Call or whatspp for more information.

                      +92 333 1999840
                        3 days ago 

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