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[35 Replies]
Salam to All,

1. I want to know that which phase in Bahria Town is best for living and why?

2. What are the rates of good constructed, 5 Marla and 10 Marla house in those phases?

3. What are prices of 5 and 10 Marla plots?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


    3223 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    Abdul Qayyum
    (2412 posts)
    Close proximity to capital is bahria phase 1-6 but passing through non-bahria development enroute Islamabad highway is pathetic like passing through Raja bazaar!
    Then comes bahria phase 8 and extension: Here bahria zone-5 and 4 and extensions are close to GT roard but you have to pass through GT road, Rawat junction then Islamabad highway.
    Alternately go through DHA-2 gates in and out.
    Now DHA-3 has changed the whole bahria phase-8 as it connected directly to the GT road. Serene city does have entrance right on the GT road.
    Still Islamabad highway needs more fly overs which are planned but will take time to get materialised.
    For future prospects, DHA-2 is very good as after the remaining flyovers, the drive to the capital will reduce to great extent and life in DHA-2 is like blessing.
      382 days ago 

      Ty Phoon
      (238 posts)
      As always thank you AQ sahb, what's the best area/sector in DHA2, any other recommendations? Also any water issues?

      PS, how's rental in DHA2? Will a house easily rent out?

      Appreciate it.
        381 days ago 

        Sohail Khan
        (334 posts)
        Ty Phoon sb, in last thread you was suggesting and supporting D sector of Islamabad over DHA 2 and Bahria, today you are asking opinion on Bahria and DHA, Lagta hai convince ho gai ho.. :)

        Regarding rentals income in Pakistan, I personally completely against investing in residential for rental income, lets say 3 crore property in DHA going for 65-75k rent per month, its just insane, moreover specially in developing areas the constructed property value coming down by every year passing compare to brand new house.
          381 days ago 

          Ty Phoon
          (238 posts)
          @Sohail, not really I am asking for a friend who belongs to Jhelum and wants to know how things are at DHA2/BT.. I still prefer some of Zone 2 over DHA2/BT cuz of its access ;-) Its upto an individual on what they like.. Ask me I personally like main Islamabad.. Not BT/DH neither Zone 2

          I agree with residential rental but with a 3 crore you cannot find a commercial property and rent it for 2 lacs, can you?
            381 days ago 

            (94 posts)

            Apologies to OP a little off-topic but regarding above discussion actualy guys residential in Isb isnt too bad either, to give an alternative actual example i.e if you split the 3cr and buy 3 flats in cda F11 for under 1cr each that easily gives you between 40-50k rental so 3cr can generate between 120-150k per month. That suites people who prefer a regular monthly rental instead of investing in land or plots. Not everybodys cup of tea ofcourse.
              380 days ago 

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