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[62 Replies]
Will B-17 (B Block) be better than Bahria Enclave 1 in 2020?

...Five years from now

...For those who want to be close to proper Islamabad for work, schooling, amenities & social circle. And at the same time have good living standards.

...Assuming Margalla Avenue is completed and NOC is issued to Bahria Enclave.

...Possession plots only

1)...For living only

2)...For Investment only

3)...For living + keeping investment option open

Feedback from forum members is highly appreciated.

    2271 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (814 posts)
    Answer is no,,BE 1 will be far better than b-17
      2271 days ago 

      (2512 posts)
      Bahria Enclave 1 will be much better.
        2271 days ago 

        (232 posts)
        It will be more interesting to read if experts also elaborate why one society is better from another.
          2270 days ago 

          (370 posts)
          Well cant say for sure as both societies have their own perks. B-17 will win because its the closest to main isb if MA gets completed and then C sectors are being announced by CDA hence it will become a part of continuous isb whereas Bahria will always remain outside but it will win because of its amenities and facilities. So its a tough choice.
            2270 days ago 

            Dr Arshad
            (424 posts)
            Multi is house of issues and full of looters.we stuck since long time in b17 and many people are suffering in Multi of dirty brand in real estate who start the project without land.CDA is also involve in this project like chief justice with PMLN,how CDA give approval to Multi if there was land issues?how Multi sold village and villagers to innocent people?

            Multi can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.
              2270 days ago 

              (67 posts)
              For living = BE (some risk as no NOC and one man show)

              for Investment = B-17 (NOC issued and Coop society)

              for living + Investment = B-17 B BLOCK

              B-17 = Price and Standards would be compared to D-12 once MA is completed. Will run at 60% price of D-12 inshallah and better standards than any CDA sector. But if personal living is the goal than BE.

              BE = Price and Standards would be compared to other non CDA projects and will beat them in price and standards.

              ------> So B-17 will be the winner, once MA is completed simply because it's price & standards evaluation would run parallel to CDA sectors due to its location but if only personal living is the goal than BE.

              Just my personal opinion. Experts (including B.R. Malik sb bec i find your advice very balanced), pls give your valuable suggestions.
                2270 days ago 

                (814 posts)
                1=b-17 out of central melodious look of Islamabad

                2=cannot reach 50 % of d-12 value even after MA, bcz of distance ,and environmental issues of stone crushing machines and factories ,polluting the surroundings[got it via this forum another thread] and thus constant health issues of respiratory disease for residents in future,,

                BE 1 will be class in future,, you can guess it ,by just visiting the completed phases of bahria town,,,on top of what this BE 1 will have Islamabad cda mark as well
                  2270 days ago 

                  (4464 posts)
                  B-17 can never ever be compared to d-12 as both have no match...BE1 will beat B-17 in every sense...
                    2270 days ago 

                    Ahmed Tanoli
                    (554 posts)
                    B-17 will get more advantage compare to BE-1 in 2020.

                    1.By that time I hope new airport will be operational.

                    2.I hope by 2020 Maraglla Avenue will be operational as well.

                    3.The flow of Population will move to B-17 due to GT road and Motorway excess because of new airport.

                    4.BE 1 will be good for overseas Pakistani or Ex service man for good and expensive class living.

                    5. BE-1 has advantage of clean and green environment where is B-17 do not have this advantage in terms of dust and low water level.
                      2270 days ago 

                      Nadeem Ahmed
                      (4455 posts)
                      Dear Amir,

                      i think both are good for investment,i am agree with Ahmed Tanoli and Dk sab both raised a good points.

                      MPCHS has poor management and Bahria has strong management,Multi is totally failure to resolve issue D block of B-17 which is going to spoil whole Multi will survive in future projects if they fail in D block of B-17 and possession of E block,big conventional brands face challenges in gaining public trust.Multi should wake up or should pay attention ...

                        2270 days ago 

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