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Abdul rehman
( 3 posts )

[17 Replies]
How much pkr rs required for 1 kanal house construction in lahore construction area at 4200 ? With marble & ceiling (normal quality) not expensive

    1747 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Ahmed Builde..
    (4 posts)
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    At ::AHMED BUILDERS::, we are not merely transforming land into blocks and bricks. We believe in the beauty of creation and the power of design. And more importantly, we believe in the realization of your dreams.

    Our company has been an established construction firm, creating homes and offices in different locations. The expertise and experience we offer is based on the industry's standards, all for a reasonably packaged price. As your trusted partner, we are assuring you of an excellent workmanship from start phase of the construction until the turnover of the project.

    We are a team of competent engineers who will be your partner in the development of your property. May it be building of new home or a reconstruction of an office building, we are dependable professionals who will render outstanding services from pre-construction to cost scheduling, our team will be ready to serve you.

    Rate Rs 1800*4200= 7560000/= for Excellent work.

      1745 days ago 

      Hamza Asif
      (830 posts)
      We have a wide range of design and material for you so we can provide you final rates after a meeting with you. Send us your contact details at or call on 0423-6655262. Our representative will contact you soon when you will send us your contact number. You can see our sample work by visiting and Arranging a meeting will be more useful to see actual designs.
        1746 days ago 

        Faiz Ali
        (20 posts)
        Abdul Rehman sb, an estimate of the total construction cost of 1 kanal house in Lahore is PKR 1 to 1.25 Crore.
          1746 days ago 

          Abdul rehman
          (3 posts)
          Thanks for rplying. My budget is lil bit low round about 75 to 80 lacs ... Is it possible in this range to construct 1 kanal house with all construction + marble and good ceiling like complete work at 4200 sq ft area
            1746 days ago 

            (1448 posts)
            Dear Abdul Rehman

            In this budged you can complete structure and some finishes like tile works and electrical


            For further you have to complete later when you can have futher investment.

            Normal A grade finishes starts from Rs.2500/sq ft for the covered area.

            WE can give you complete design and construction services.

            If interested contact us.




              1746 days ago 

              Hamza Asif
              (830 posts)
              @Mr. Abdul Rehman

              Send us your contact details at We will try to set minimum rates for your home construction.
                1746 days ago 

                Baber Rabban..
                (1628 posts)
                Abdul Rehman. I am not a builder. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to complete it in the budget you mentioned. If it also has electricity meter, gas meter, some water Arrangments, water tanks, septic tank ( if any ), boundary wall, top roof treatment, than it would be quite difficult to complete it in this budget. But it is not such a low budget that you have no option.

                For ceiling, it's possible not to have plaster on roof and you will save material plus labor of roof and invest in ceiling instead. This sounds strange but a lot of people do this.

                Also you should reduce finishing area of your home. Like you build 4200 sq ft grey structure but finish only the most needed places. Do it in next phase. Civil work is dirty work. You will complete civil work for whole home but do not finish some area.
                  1746 days ago 

                  Ali Ather
                  (5 posts)
                  For normal quality it'll cost you around 1700 per square foot.
                    1746 days ago 

                    Abdul rehman
                    (3 posts)
                    Thanks , much appreciated @ahmed builders kindly mention ur no. Here , i ll contact you soon
                      1745 days ago 

                      Abdul Mateen
                      (26 posts)

                      construction of 4200sft with Good Quailty of construction and finishes (marble, ceiling, tiles E.t.c) materiel will be done in 1800rs/sft.

                      4200X1800 = 7560000rs

                      *Price including Waterproofing and termite-proofing treatments.

                      *Ensuring high quality Skilled Man-power and Construction Technicians.


                      Abdul Mateen

                      Civil Engineer


                        1744 days ago 

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