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[11 Replies]
I want to build a 7 marla grey structure double story
Covered area is 2100 sq ft approx.

I am in process of making the design from bahria design wing

- should i first go for soil test or after i have decided on design ?
- how much would be the cost and what is included in grey structure ? Plumbing ? Electric ? Gates ?
- i only want to make grey structure not full house is it ok to make grey structure and after a year or a year and a half we complete house any restrictions from bahria ?
- any thing i should take care before finalising the design ?

    142 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Royal Stone
    (50 posts)
    Assalam o alikum,

    We are glad to hear that you are building a house. You have to select a map or design from the given maps by the Bahria Town design center. Soil test is important before start the building, because if soil is loosely compacted then in the foundation you have to use more steel, otherwise structure may develop cracks.

    Grey structure usually does not include Plumbing, Electric and main Gates etc but can be included after mutual understanding because gate price varies from 40 thousand to one lakh depending on design, quality and material.

    You are planning to build the grey structure first then the reaming part its OK.

    We are a construction company, you can contact us on the following contact details.

    WhatsApp 03215500035.


    Asif Malik
      140 days ago 

      Syed Raza
      (44 posts)
      Asalam o alikum how r u? Well r u talking about bahria Enclave Islamabad... If yes Thn I am working there as a realtor and doing constructions as well...for all the information regarding everything call me on

        137 days ago 

        Hamza Akram
        (3 posts)
        I am currently working on a project in Bahria town phase 8

        material cost for Grey structure is around 1600 sft With material
        You do not need to go for soil test structural Engineer will do it as they will design steel for your structure as its in Usman Block soil is softer and Need to do piles that will cost extra around 3 lac or less
        Material which include Ithaad steel bestway cement A class Bricks Master Fittings for water plumbing ..Master (blue) not (master fit)
        accua fit electric condute pipes

        gate and other grills etc will cost around 2 lac or less

        Finishing cost is around 2500 to 3000 sft
        its rate depends on type of wood and tile work mostly

        Muhammad Hamza

          122 days ago 

          (497 posts)
          On turn key basis the good construction will be around 2600-3000 per square feet. Get the quotes from multiple builders and make a choice by visiting their recent work.
            111 days ago 

            Bilal Awan
            (14 posts)
            Mr Khalid, how much do the developers spend per sq ft for the houses they sell?

            How much is normally their profit margin after paying capital gains tax?

            Thanks in advance.
              100 days ago 

              Umer Waseem
              (1 post)
              Salam sir .

              - sir no need for soil testing .

              - In grey structure electricity , plumbing and gate are not in liclude. Grey structure cost may vary from 1350 t0 1550 per square ft.

              - In bahria there is no issue regarding completing house or not if you want grey structure right now and finish the rest of house later you can

              We build houses for our clients according to their demand from map to finishing . Some of our projects are ruining in DHA RAHBAR

              And Nasheman-e- Iqbal housing society so , you can visit us and see our work .



              Whats up

                97 days ago 

                Gemcon Engin..
                (9 posts)
                Asslam o Alikum,

                Following are your answers

                -Soil Test is mandatory for your Structural Drawings.

                -Grey Structure cost varies from 1380 to 1550 Sft with material.

                -Basic Electric and Plumbing work is included in our Grey Structure package.

                -No issues from bahria you can build as much you can.

                For more detials please Call or Whatsapp at +92 303 5410444


                Gemcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd

                Fb: @gemcon.eng

                  89 days ago 

                  (3 posts)
                  Asalam O Alayqum,

                  Can someone explain what is covered in the square footage, does it include double storey or single storey building construction only.

                  Thank you
                    89 days ago 

                    Ali Raza
                    (7 posts)

                    This is Ali from "KAT & B CONSTRUCTION SERVICES". KAT & B Construction Services is a registered entity under the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC C-05).

                    We are not just a construction company. We offer a whole solution from designing, construction until the automation of your building.

                    For free/quick quotation reach us at:

                    0092 332 4313717

                    0092 300 4432612
                      75 days ago 

                      A&S Design W..
                      (31 posts)
                      Dear Mr Suhail,

                      Hope you are doing well.

                      The Construction Cost of the project vary from design to design and area to area within the city. Construction Cost is highly dependent upon the Architectural And Structural designing of your home. For all the expert consultancy about your home you are advised to contact us at

                      Thanks & Regards,

                      Engr Sikander Riaz.

                      Architectural & Structural Design Works.
                        33 days ago 

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