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I am trying to figure out the construction cost for developing a plaza 5 and 10 Marla in Bahria Town Lahore. Can someone provide the construction material and labor cost. It would be also helpful if you can provide your construction experience as well.

Thanks and looking forward to you replies.

    2071 days ago In Construction Cost
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    (1115 posts)
    The material cost is more or less the same all over Pakistan.Labour cost you looking at minimum rs 300 to rs 600 per sqft these rates are for Islamabad which is slightly expensive than Lahore.any thing above that than you are paying too much.It will be hard to find in that price range but not impossible because ppl intend to charge allot more when it comes to commercial and specially in bahria town.
    If you give the proper dimensions for the plot size than more accurate idea can be given for material specially seriya.
    Ive 10 years of experience + a degree in construction from uk.

      2071 days ago 

      Samra Zulfiq..
      (484 posts)
      I wish there were some contractors active on the forum since a lot of people here have serious question regarding construction cost, labour cost, material type and finishing options.

      You reply has been of great help H-T, thanks.

      Samra Zulfiqar
        2071 days ago 

        (47 posts)
        Sir ,

        i would recommend you go for % basis rather then per square feet rates and labor rates .
        This is the we work .just a question worth giving a shot
        do you really thing a contractor offers e.g 2200/square feet actually uses material worth 2200 ? or even 2000 ?

          2069 days ago 

          (1413 posts)
          WE can offer you design and construction services on very competitive rates.

          Please contact us at

            2041 days ago 

            Muhammad Adn..
            (2 posts)
              1990 days ago 

              (1413 posts)
              Mohammad Adnan!!

              Anything we can help you?

                1988 days ago 

                (141 posts)

                visit our

                if you have any query feel free to discuss

                  1948 days ago 

                  Qurban ali
                  (1 post)
                  I am ,Qurban ali, from Lahore, but now working as construction manager in Saudi arab. Have 20 years of experience in Pakistan and KSA.

                  Can somebody let me know what is cost of construction drawings and approval fee. What are the charges of water and power connection to start construction in Bahria town Lahore?

                  I may provide the services of costing if working drawings are provided to me along with the finishing details. My mail ID is
                    1284 days ago 

                    Team Overcs
                    (45 posts)
                    @ Samra Zulfiqar!

                    Couple of months back, we tried to help out by replying TO THE POINT to genuine queries of users regarding construction, but then some people here were not happy with those replies because they take this forum as marketing tool only. Sad state of affairs!
                      1284 days ago 

                      M. Siddiq
                      (1 post)
                      We are giving Fumigation & Termite services in Lahore with best

                      rates...General Fumigation and Termite Proofing (Pre & Post Construction)

                      Treatment 5 years guarantee!!!

                      Contact No: 0321-4251060, 0340-4532660

                      Company Name: Perfect Solution.


                      160-A, Block / N Model Town, Ext. Lahore
                        1203 days ago 

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