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Arham Azhar
( 7 posts )

[4 Replies]
Dear concern;
I am starting construction in bahria town rawalpindi.
Currently confused at this stage as there is a lot of variety of bricks in the market ranging 7000-10500 local, peshawari, chakwali etc.
Any advice will be helpful regarding selection of bricks as which will do the job bearing in mind that i am construction house for myself and same goes for crush which will be better

    1122 days ago In Bricks
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    Abdul Wahab
    (196 posts)
    Use special brick brand 33, 7, J or etc will cost you 10,300 in bahria town.
      1122 days ago 

      Saif Khan
      (24 posts)
      Dear I suggest you to hire a building Contractor, It will give you peace of mind and I hope he will be expert in his work and will do the excellent job. If need any kind of help feel free to contact me. Thanks
        1116 days ago 

        Wasim Ahmed
        (13 posts)
        Bhai it's very simple. Contact Bhatha and ask the for AWAL quality bricks. Peshawar brick will cost you approx 95000/- for 10,000 bricks, Chakwal bricks will cost 75000. Fair is not included. All sizes are standard size. So don't worry about it. You will find the same brick at 4000 per 1000 brick from VEHARI.
          1048 days ago 

          Aamir aasim
          (74 posts)
          Contact Brick and crush specialist Mr Zahaid. His Contact Num is 03329270787.
            1048 days ago 

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