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Saira ishtia..
( 3 posts )

[5 Replies]
Capital smart city is an upscale housing project of future developments holdings private limited, a subsidiary of m/s habib rafiq (pvt) ltd. It is one of biggest housing projects in islamabad, and the first project in pakistan to introduce capital smart city

features. Development work on the project has started already, while the project is yet to be launched officially in pakistan.

    499 days ago In Architects
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    Awais Nazir
    (1 post)
    Hey dear, glad to see the news about starting a project named capital smart city, i am a new member here, also searching for a job as an architect. Hope you will give me a good response.
      498 days ago 

      (3 posts)
      I have booked a residential plot there in feb 18 and think that it was a good decision.
        498 days ago 

        (4 posts)
        Is it worth buying a plot here or just a scam?
          419 days ago 

          Nasir ali
          (1 post)
          This is first Smart city of Pakistan. Very good project ti invest at this time as they have officially launched now.
            415 days ago 

            S Anwer
            (141 posts)
            Is it only SMART by name or their is something in reality when they call it FIRST SMART CITY of PAKISTAN?
              415 days ago 

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