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K Ali
( 18 posts )

[13 Replies]

Would anyone be able to tell me about the average / estimated constructed area in sq/ft for a double story 10 marla (250 sq yards) plot in bahria town rawalpindi.

I know it would depend on design but what it is normal average

If someone has any idea, please share


    2192 days ago In Architects
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    (1476 posts)
    Dear K Ali,

    10 marla average area will be from 3000 to 3300 sq ft for double storey.

    We can give you all design,construction services at once place.

    If interested contact us.



      2191 days ago 

      K Ali
      (18 posts)
      @DSA, thanks for getting back.

      I am in process of deciding whether to take possession of my plot before I have a builder and design or select a design and choose a builder first.

      But the issue is that BT don't give you exact size of your plot until you take/pay for possession. And it is difficult to finalize a design without knowing exact size.
        2191 days ago 

        Abdul Mateen
        (26 posts)
        Sir! 10 marla plot dimension in Bahria town is (35'X65').

        Avrg construction cost there will be not less than 18000rs/sft and not more than 3500rs/sft.

        First take possession of plot. Then design and at last wisely choose the builder.
          2191 days ago 

          Hamza Asif
          (829 posts)
          We are also working as interior designers and construction company for several years. Our estimated costs are:

          Average: 2700 to 3000

          A grade 3000 to 3300

          A+ 3300 to 3500

          These are variables according to your demand. You can see our sample work by visiting If you are interested then send us your contact details at or call on 042-36655262.
            2186 days ago 

            (213 posts)
            Dear Sir

            Dear I offer my services to build new house as follows

            1.Grey Structure With Material (Rs.1400/sft)

            2.TURN KEY BASE OR WITH MATERIAL (Rs.2400/sft)



            with awal number bricks and using standard ratio of sand + cement.

            Free to ask any question regarding construct new build home

            You can construct your own house under your supervision as well if you have any doubt.

            Faheam: 03217867889

              2169 days ago 

              (134 posts)
              Hello Mr. Ali

              I'm writing on be half of Clare builders. Answering your question we must say the rang of gray structure covered area is around 1200 to 1300 PKR and the finishing cost which includes gray structure will start from 1900PKR and it goes up according to the availability of funds and your choice.

              We can help you with the design of your house as well. Our architects will design your house according to your taste and demands.

              We are a company which works under the foreign qualified management and engineers.To know further about us you can view our website

              To contact please feel free to dial 0334-8531536 alternatively send us your number and suitable time and one of our representative will be with you with in 24 hrs.

              Faiza Zahid

              Head of marketing and operations

              Clare builders Pvt. Ltd.
                2159 days ago 

                K Ali
                (18 posts)

                Where are you based?

                Would be able to give me details of a house you have built in Bahria or DHA in Rawalpindi / Islamabad
                  2158 days ago 

                  (1476 posts)
                  K Ali,

                  We based in Lahore but we have also sub office in Isb on Margalla Road.

                  We have designed various houses in BT islamabad but not executed.

                  We have done various projects in Lahore.

                  You may visit for few of our designs done in past years at


                  We can give you all services at one place in any city.

                  Looking forward to hear you.




                    2158 days ago 

                    (213 posts)
                    Kindly give me the email address then i will be able to share complete detail and snaps which i have constructed
                      2158 days ago 

                      (50 posts)
                      U have to spare 10 feet from front, 5 feet from one side (u can call it galli/street) and 7 feet from back. Rest u can construct and will be ur maximum area of construction.
                        2158 days ago 

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