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Saleem Satta..
( 2 posts )

[6 Replies]
I am looking for an honest contractor for 7 marla construction in bt phase 8.

    317 days ago In Building Contractors
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    A M Abbasi
    (315 posts)
    Mr Saleem .

    You can contact Capt,(R) Umar his company 4E's is very reputable and already made houses in BT for the past 10 years. You can reach him by phone number: 03348975732
      315 days ago 

      (1466 posts)
      WE can give you design and execution with quality works and

      time completion.

      If interested please contact us for further discussions.


      Team dSA

        313 days ago 

        Ali Baig
        (3 posts)
        You can reach Mr Laeeq of Stratagem Construction for your construction projects. His company has a vast experience of building residential and commercial properties.

        He can be reached at 0336 2250130
          294 days ago 

          Syed Laeeq P..
          (2 posts)
          Asalaam Walaikum Saleem Sattar Sahab

          I'm looking forward to hear from you as you mentioned 27 days ago about honest contractor for your 7 marla house in bahria town phase 8, i myself running a PEC resgistered company and also residing in abu bakar block in bahria town. If you are still looking for contractors, just keep me in your mind.

          Jazak Allah Bikhair

          Syed Laeeq Peeran
            290 days ago 

            Kashif Ehsan
            (58 posts)
            Is it still financially beneficial to build house in Behria Phase 8, specially in this period of recession and approximately how long it takes to resale? Kindly guide me.
              290 days ago 

              Muhammad Akr..
              (3 posts)
              We constructing houses in Rawalpindi Bahria ,give us chance
                12 days ago 

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