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Construction Cost discussions and advice. Participate in ongoing dicussions and get invaluable Construction Cost advice from people who are experts in their industries or start a new Construction Cost discussion.
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[12 Replies]

I am no a days indifferent where i am going to purchase plot, but it would be one of the followings three:

1. Valencia housing society
2. Bahria town
3. Dha rahbar phase 1

Now, i want to know what would be the construction cost, including everything of covered area of 1700 sq ft. I want to use good material as i will live myself.

Please give me estimates.

    1622 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Hamza Asif
    (830 posts)
    It all depends upon your selection of material and design that you want to use in your dream home construction. It is a smart budget to construct a home. We have categories according to customer`s budget like A,B and C. It will be more useful that if we arrange a meeting to discus these things in details. Kindly send your contact details at or call on 042-36655262. You can see our sample work by visiting
      1621 days ago 

      (1442 posts)
      Dear Salman,

      It can be with A grade finishes Rs.2500 to no limit.

        1620 days ago 

        (68 posts)
        Asalam o alikum,

        The construction of house depends on your choice that would be A category B Or C and your design

        If you have less money I would advice firstly construct your grey structure and after that you will go for finishing when you have a preety amount. I know a person who construct home on contract and give you least cost of construction he also show you some houses that are under construction I am going to post his number free to call him at any time. 03234582022, 03004582022
          1616 days ago 

          Abdul Wahab
          (189 posts)
          Hello Salman

          You are selecting plot now. After the plot you need an architect who can design your house according to your taste and requirements. After designing architect and you select the materials than you can get the approx construction cost.

          We are here to provide you all the services (turn key solution) regarding construction from "Desing to Build".

          Contact us to make your dreams into reality.


          Ar. Wahab

          arch five

            1614 days ago 

            Engineering ..
            (31 posts)
            Dear Salman,

            We Group of Architects and Engineer are here to help you.

            Please send your email address for detail Quotation.

            It will cost you 1850 PKR//SFT with average finish in Valencia Town and 1950 PKR/SFT with average Finish in Bahria.

            With Good Finnish it will Cost you 2500 PKR//SFT h in Valencia Town and 2600 PKR/SFT with in Bahria.

            (For Valencia we will also provide you free design and approval services, if you give us construction Contract)

            Feel free to consult.

            Best Regards,

            Engr. Shahid Kamran

            B.E Civil (UET Lahore)

            Engineering Development Associates, Lahore

              1613 days ago 

              Ar. Bangash
              (33 posts)
              Construction cost is always subjected to type of materials,

              nature of construction and the actual design.

              If you want to hire a contractor then your construction cost may get increase but if you are available to visit randomly or one of your representative is there for supervision then the construction cost will get less plus the quality would be even better.All you (or Representative) have to do is to supply the material.

              I think 3.5 to 4 million is decent amount for 1700 sft of construction with good quality.

              The cost may exceed 4 million if you go for luxurious type of construction and material.

              Best Of Luck
                1612 days ago 

                (207 posts)
                Roots Engineering Services is providing the construction services to our prestigious client for several years . I offer my services to build new house with A+ GRADE Construction with material as follows along with Rs.2000/sft for covered area only


                1.Super Structure

                2.Surface Rendering


                4.Roof Insulation


                6.Plumbing Work


                (Include Grey Structure Work & As Mention Below)

                1.Wood work

                2.Aluminum work for All home Windows and Glass (ghani)

                3.Steel staircase.

                4.Face work depending upon your map.

                5.Floor Marble.

                6.Bath Room Tile Flooring.

                7.Fixtures and accessories of baths, kitchen.

                8.False ceiling depending upon…

                C.BASEMENT CONSTRUCTION (Rs2000 to 3000 /sft)

                (Turn Key Base Or With Material

                Grey structure & Finishing work)


                With awal number bricks and using standard ratio of sand + cement.Free to ask any question regarding construct new build home You can construct your own house under your supervision as well if you have any doubt


                Faheam: 03217867889

                  1593 days ago 

                  (1115 posts)

                  The construction cost in Bahria town would be atleast 50% more for the ground portion in Bahria town for any plot size.The reason being the land is all filled so you have to make a full 9 inch thick raft with double steel caged and concrete.

                  The grey structure will cost you around Rs 1000 per sqft and in Bahria town its will be around Rs 1200 to 1350 per sqft.

                  The finishing cost depends on your choice of material starting from Rs.700 to sky is the limit.
                    1593 days ago 

                    (68 posts)
                    Asalam o alikum, @salman riaz

                    Firstly I would advise you that you should not but a plot in valencia there road condition is very bad rather than Dha and bahria. If you want contractor I know a person we also construct our house with the help of them he is very experienced and coprative person call him if you want to construct contact num 03434477099 I am just helping you. Thankx
                      1589 days ago 

                      (284 posts)
                      I think in Bahria, single story construction is not allowed.
                        1589 days ago 

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