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How much will be the difference in price between buying a 8-10 marla built house or constructing on 10 marla plot. Which is better, especially for orp. Further what is the covered area for 10 marla and 1 kanal house.

    2358 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Its depend on what type of materiel u used in constructing the house.
    For example u want to use marble or tile?
    U want to use ash wood or deodar?
    U want to use pak fan or lahore fan?
    U want to use local paint or branded paint?
    What type of bathroom fitting u want to use?
    How much u can afford for ceiling and exterior of the front elevation?
    All these question are important while u are estimating the cost of the project.

    Difference between built house and constructing a house is that u have a opportunity to construct according to ur choice (finishing materials) and u can save the money as well (person selling his house for seeking his profit).

    Its depend, on how the area is utilize by the architect and house is triple storey or double storey.
      2358 days ago 

      (138 posts)
      For the benefit of beginners (like myself) i searched the net for approx covered area
      Approximate covered area for single storey house
      5 marla= 1125 square ft. 2250 square ft. For double story
      10 marla= 1800 square ft. 3200 square ft for double story
      1 kanal= 3800 & 5000 square ft to double story house.

      for 10 marla house at 1700 / ft sq approx cost 3-5 mil. depending on covered area
        2352 days ago 

        (14 posts)

        Its depend on the material quality, u have to write down the items (company name and prices) which u wants to use then u can determine the cost of the house. There are three classes

        1- extra ordinary quality work and finishing
        2- average work
        3- economy
          2351 days ago 

          (243 posts)
          @UHAMMADu have asked about which is a better option buying a already built house or build it yourself
          Firstly i would say it is always better to build it yourself, it will keep you relaxed that you have made it yourself and every thing in it have passed you precisely. But this is a full time job, but an interesting one.
          Buying an already built house you will be always curious about what material he used, may this room be a litter wider, and the list will be going on and on.
          Now you have made your mind building by your self the very next step is to gather the info as much as you can because there are loads and loads of tiny things which requires attention.
          Consider a trust worthy experienced person along with you in this process who can guide you well because there is a gigantic range available in the market so what you need and what suits you better will be the right decision.
            2350 days ago 

            (136 posts)
            Dear mohammed,

            Thanks for your inquiry.

            We at clare builders (www.Clarebuilders.Com) assist clients like you in building of houses, offices and arcades. Clare builder is registered with securities & exchange commission of pakistan and have an office in islamabad.

            We guarantee all of our work and the price. Moreover, we work on an idea of transparent and firm construction. The construction cost varies depending on the land, type of material and covered area. We estimate that the total cost of construction for your house would be in a range of 60-70 lacs.

            If you kindly visit our website - www.Clarebuilders.Com - and fill in an inquiry form, one of the representatives from our company will reach out to you within 24 hours.

            The property prices are soaring in pakistan and as per the international report, the property prices in pakistan will raise by 30% in next 3 years.There is no better time to start construction than today.

            At clare builders, the main priority is client satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our work at any given stage of the project, we are more than happy to facilitate your concerns.

            Our motive is to build better and affordable living for everyone in pakistan. Should you require assistance with finance and land buying, our specialists can guide you through the processes.

            We wish you all the best with the construction of your house & we look forward to speaking with you soon.

            Kind regards,

            Ahsan muhammad
              2303 days ago 

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