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Adeel Ahmed
( 11 posts )

[8 Replies]
I have to start building my home from next month, please help me my drawing has been approved its a 6 bedroom + 6 washrooms + 2 kitchens. Double storey

Plot size 12-Marla

Tons of steel required?
Electric wiring?
Plumbing pipes?
Plaster cost?

I'm currently in Dubai, I'm building the house in Gujranwala desperately in need of the above information to start.

    2460 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Samra Zulfiq..
    (485 posts)
    There is this member at the forum, named DSA. He is from construction field. You can look for his posts by browsing Construction and mMterial category on the forum, i am sure he will be able to help you get reliable estimates on construction cost of your 12 Marla property.

    Have a good day Adeel Ahmed.
      2460 days ago 

      (1477 posts)
      Send me your layout plans to give you all material estimates.



        2460 days ago 

        Hamza Asif
        (829 posts)
        @ Mr. Adeel

        Kindly send me your requirements and land details by personal message or call. I will set your meeting with a great constructor and designer who will guide you in right way.If you are interested then call at +92-42-36655262. It will be really useful for you.
          2456 days ago 

          Matt Sims
          (7 posts)
          This link might help in what you need
            2455 days ago 

            (47 posts)
            AOA ,

            Mr. Adell ,

            1- if you can send in you lay out

            2- where are you planning to build ?

            just for sake of understanding (e.g)if you are planning to build your house in bahria town , they use allot of iron work like for example 9x9 beam at DPC level and & 7 feet . They stress allot on the base as well 12 x 24 .

            once you have provided me with the info, ill post a reply here mentioning the quantity

            regards ,


              2450 days ago 

              Adeel Ahmed
              (11 posts)
              @ Map

              i have forwarded you the layout of my house, i hope you can help
                2449 days ago 

                Samra Zulfiq..
                (485 posts)
                  2448 days ago 

                  (141 posts)
                  I suggest you should contact a good architectural firm.I hope this will help you.
                    2328 days ago 

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