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Dear experts,
I am planning to construct a plaza with below details.

Plot size: 3.75marla (96square yard)
Covered area: around 3600 square feet
Number of floors: basement,gf,1st floor, 2nd floor.

Location: bahria phase 7, commercial.

Please guide me with your sincere advice about how to proceed with construction. What is the estimated cost of construction per square feet.
A friend of mine is asking for 250rs per square feet for managing all construction and he will charge me for all other spending's like labor, furniture etc.

    1289 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Danish Broth..
    (234 posts)
    Rs.250 per square foot is too much as supervision charges .

    The labour rate for building a plaza in Bahria town phase 7 ranges from Rs.300/sft to Rs.400/sft. This rate includes all expenses : labours, masons, machinery employed by contractor, his supervision/ management etc.

    I sincerely advise you first of all get detailed estimate from a professional.We can do it at very reasonable charges plus construction as well . We are experienced builders working in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad for 20 years

    Contact 03225017254
      1289 days ago 

      (43 posts)
      What are ur rates of grey structure and complete development. Provide me costs break down.
        1288 days ago 

        Danish Broth..
        (234 posts)
        Our rate( with materials) for grey structure are Rs.1500/sft. Actually it is more than grey structure which include following works;rnrnrnrnStructurernrnExternal & internal plasterrnrnConstruction of under ground & over head water tanksrnrnConstruction of septic tankrnrnLaying electric conduits in slabs & wallsrnrnLaying sewerage pipes rnrnLaying water supply lines & gas linesrnrnFixation of door frames ( chokhats )rnrnScreed concrete on roof and pcc concrete on all floorsrnrnFinishing rate varies from Rs.500/sft to Rs.1000/sft depending upon finishing materials to be usedrnGrey structure on Labour rate basis is Rs.350/sft
          1288 days ago 

          (43 posts)
          Any second opinion
            1286 days ago 

            Team Overcs
            (45 posts)
            Rs 250 x 3600 = 900,000 lac Rs. This is the figure your friend is asking as his supervision Fees.

            Now let see what it should cost you:

            Basement grey structure with 9'' thick retaining walls will cost you around 1800 Rs

            Assuming from your provided data, your basement is around 900 sqft

            Basement cost 1800x900 = 1,620,000 /=

            GF, FF & SF cost 1350x2700 = 3,645,000 /=

            Total for grey structure = 5,265,000/=

            A normal grade finish will cost you around minimum 500 Rs / sqft

            Finishing cost = 3600x650 = 2,340,000/=

            Total cost of your project = 7,605,000/=

            This will be your cost of you have some basic ideas about construction and you know what you are doing and what is required to be done at what stage. You keep away from wear & tears, jilted labour, material vendors/suppliers and contractors who take your money and runaway without doing proper jobs etc.

            Now the figure that your friend is demanding, comes out to be around 12% of your total cost incurred. Which is a very reasonable figure considering the amount of hassle one has to go through while construction. You can bargain him to around 10%.
              1284 days ago 

              ARMCO Holdin..
              (87 posts)
              @MKhan,rnrnrnrnRate for Grey Structure is Rs.1500 per sq.ft,rnrnAnd for Basement the rate is 1.5 times than the actual rate,rnso its rate will be Rs.2250 per sq.ft.rnrnAs your covered area is 3600 sq.ft, so the area for basement will be 900 per sq.ft,rnrnCost for Grey Structure of Basement : 900x2250= 20,25,000/-rnCost for Grey Structure of Ground and Upper Floors :rn 2700x1500=40,50,000/-rnrnGrand Total (Grey Structure) : 20,25,000+40,50,000 =60,75,000/-rnrnFor full finished Structure :rnFull Finished Structure rate for Ground and Upper floors is Rs.2200 per sq.ftrnFull Finished Structure Rate for Basement is Rs.2700 per sq.ftrnrnCost for Finished Structure of Basement : 2700x900 =24,30,000/-rnCost for Ground and Upper Floors : 2700x2200 = 59,40,000/-rnrnGrand Total : 24,30,000+59,40,000 = 83,70,000/-rnrnRegards,rnA R Mirza and Company,
                1284 days ago 

                Danish Broth..
                (234 posts)
                Dear Mr. Khan

                Few days ago you asked for second opinion. What do you mean ? I suppose you are thinking to get work done by not letting the work on contract. There are 2 others options .

                We offer to manage & supervise your construction till completion on supervision basis. You will arrange cons. Materials and we will arrange skilled & unskilled man power . You would pay wages of labour , also you would pay rent of tools/ machinery hired or rented for construction purpose. We would charge you only our supervision expenses which could be a fixed monthly amount or a certain % age of total cost of project. This may seem you some thing new but a large number of projects are being executed by this mode where owners / clients are very concern about work quality and do not want to trust on contractors . When you reach on some decision may be called at following number

                Muhammad Shafqat

                  1283 days ago 

                  Ijaz Alvi
                  (46 posts)
                  Asa M Khan !

                  Please visit my facebook page for your better investment and house construction

                    1276 days ago 

                    Saqib Ali
                    (32 posts)
                    Asalam u alikum...Hope you are fine .

                    Our company ,

                    Saqib carriage contractor and building material supplier, deals in supplies of these goods,, crush, stone, sand , soil ,gravel bricks etc at competitive rates.

                    Working areas

                    Islamabad , rawalpindi and related areas

                      1263 days ago 

                      (207 posts)
                      Dear M.Khan

                      i offer my best services with material to you for constructing your plaza within Rs.1350/sft complete with all respect of grey structure



                      Roots Engineering Services


                        1195 days ago 

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