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Arham Azhar
( 7 posts )

[21 Replies]
Dear concern;
I have 10 marla plot in bahria town phase 8 rawalpindi and i am about to start construction.
Covered is about 3800 sq. Ft. And excavation of 5 feet with 1 feet foundation.
How much shall i be looking at for grey structure and for total cost of construction including material.

    1022 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Arham Azhar
    (7 posts)

    I have limited funds how much will it cost me to construct complete double story unit with ground floor B+ Category finishing?
      1022 days ago 

      (26 posts)

      It will depend on your foundation and structural drawings. Rs.1000-1250 per sqft for grey structure.

      B+ finishing will be Rs.1000 per sqft.

      You can forward your structural drawings for more accurate estimates.

      We are providing one window solution for your construction needs in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

      The service's include soil test, architectural drawings, construction.

      Feel free to contact us for any requirements.

      Best regards

      Ace property solution


      Email : acepropertysolution@outlook.Com
        1021 days ago 

        Arham Azhar
        (7 posts)
        @ Ace Property


        Can you please elaborate

        1. What is included in grey structure? water tanks and stuff is included in it?

        2. I have received structural design and excavation of 6 feet is required with one feet of foundation and around 16,17 pillars (or whatever you call it)

        3. B+ category rates that you have mentioned here, do they include electricity works and sanitary works?
          1021 days ago 

          (26 posts)
          Structure,plaster, water proofing, termite control, Electrical piping and water/septic tanks are included in grey structure.

          B+ includes all the rest. Wood work, paint, electrical wiring, bathroom and kitchen fittings.
            1021 days ago 

            Arham Azhar
            (7 posts)
            @ Aceproperty Solutions

            Thanks for your reply.

            I am going to send you Structure design and map on your e-mail.

            Kindly intimate how much will it cost me to reach DPC level after excavation of 6 feet and 1 feet of foundation and 16-19 pillars.
              1020 days ago 

              Abdul Wahab
              (196 posts)
              Hello Arham

              We are constructing number of houses in Bahria Phase 8. Complete house cost with B+ finishing 1950/sft x 3800 = Total Cost 7,410,000/-

              For more information please contact us or visit our office.


              Ar. Wahab

              Arch Five Architects

                1017 days ago 

                Home Constru..
                (332 posts)
                Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BSc Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

                And also providing the designing facilities.

                Further information


                Engineer Umer khan


                  1002 days ago 

                  Mr kayani
                  (8 posts)

                  I have 30 X 65 plot, in street d33 (it's a 30 X 60 plot but understand that they give 5 feet extra land) in sector d phase 8 Bahria town Rawalpindi and want to have it constructed and could someone tell me how much the full cost will be?
                    970 days ago 

                    Abdul Wahab
                    (196 posts)
                    Mr. Khalid Nawaz

                    It will cost you 65 lacs fot ground + 1 storey.

                    For further info please contact us.


                    Ar. Wahab

                    Arch Five Architects

                      969 days ago 

                      (1456 posts)
                      WE can give you design and execution services at one place.

                      If you are looking reliable source contact us for complete turn key solutions.

                      Thanks and Awaiting

                      Team dSA

                        969 days ago 

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