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Dear H--T and all,

Thanks for all your participation in this fruitful debate on the construction cost and profit.

Please compare the profit margin with an individual and the
company who give you services.

Individual can handle by himself to take care of site as well as to the purchase the material for the project and he can get the same profit which a company can earn.

You hold ear from one way or the other way around.

Company has to appoint an professional/experienced supervisor which will be must an diploma holder or a civil engineer depends on the size of project. They have office on back up working and facilitate them to avoid the destruction which bear by the individuals or inexperience people.

You people just add the cost of the working staff per month and calculate the cost on the time duration of the project and then you will have better idea what a company actually earn from a
project and sometimes it is neck to neck specially now a days when the business is mess and you don't have much projects in hand to share the profit on the multiple projects and can accept the low profit which is actually not all the profit but the costs which the company actually paying for all the project period.

So no one should assume and I just request H--T not to confuse people by his valued opinion to give actual costs it is dangerous for those who made their minds and then they choose wrong contractor who flee during the execution of the project and they face more loss than they actually pay to a responsible company.

In short if one can handle his project by his own and can sacrifice his time and attention then they can must safe but not sure if he can even save because if he don't know about this construction works people will eat his meat......

Wise people always hire professionals to get their project done in good manner and without any further headache.

Hope all can agree if someone not they have their own thoughts. Anyone...



    2342 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Good thread.

    You do have a valid point that a company has to bear all the expenses and the people sitting in offices have to be paid but where i disagree with you is that if its a company does it mean that they are professional and if its an individual he is not professional.
    Its not about holding the ear this way or that way its about 30 to 40 lacs rupees which is hard earned.
    It is true if a layman starts construction "CERTAIN PEOPLE WILL EAT MEAT" AND I MEAN FRESH MEAT LOL.
      2341 days ago 

      (1456 posts)

      I did not say if you are not professional as you did some projects by yourself but I am talking about the ppls sitting here viewing our discussions and they will take it wrong and they will never pay more if they have idea of actual cost....

      So if they will start by themselves and suppose they are trying to save few lac which they are paying for professional who take care of all the headache which they can get by starting by their own and also they can do or face a blunder which will never cover up if some body doing with their Halal money....

      We here to get our professional fee and very reasonable margins and even you divide it in 6 months to year project it cannot hardly we get Rs.100,000 per month.

      Hope you understand........

      Take good cares

        2341 days ago 

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