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I am looking for an experienced contractor at labor rate for the construction of my 2 kanal house 7,500 covered area. Please quote separate rates for grey structure and finishing. I will source my own material.


    262 days ago In Building Contractors
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    A M Abbasi
    (311 posts)
    Dear zafar,

    Generally speaking the grey structure rate should be 1600 to 1700 per sqft which means that with 6000 covered area it will cost you around atleast 9600000. without material it will cost you 380sqft to 500 sqft.
    Also note these rates are also depended on which area you are constructing a house.
    Finishing with A grade material will atleast cost you 1500 more so total grey Structure + finishing = 3100 (depending upon the finishing material). If we consider 6000 sqft covered area total cost of the house construction= 6000*3100=18600000.

    please note that these are estimated cost which can vary depending upon different factors
      259 days ago 

      (74 posts)
      Dear Zafar,

      The grey structure labor contract will cost you 350-400 per square feet. If you purchase material by your self, the grey structure will cost you 1100-1200 per square feet including everything means labor + Material.
        258 days ago 

        (28 posts)
        Does this mean the grey structure material would cost me 400 to 600 per sq ft depending on the quality?
          258 days ago 

          A M Abbasi
          (311 posts)
          380-to 500 depending upon the quality, design.
            258 days ago 

            (74 posts)
            The material will cost you about Rs 800 per square foot. I suggest you to ask your Architect to provide you grey structure BOQ, he can provide you the steel, cement, gravel, sand etc. quantity & cost based on your drawings.
              258 days ago 

              (1456 posts)
              This is labour charges only
                258 days ago 

                Faheem Raza
                (35 posts)
                We deals in all kinds of construction & labour

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                Faheem raza (civil engineer)


                Al-reza builder (pvt) ltd

                Commercial river view bahria town phase 7 rawalpindi
                  208 days ago 

                  Zameen Admin
                  (331 posts)
                  @Faheem Raza

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                    208 days ago 

                    (28 posts)
                    Danish Brothers, Does 550/sft include both grey structure and finishing or is it just the finishing cost alone?
                      207 days ago 

                      (84 posts)
                      HOMESCON offers Construction Services for your Dream House at Bahria Town/ DHAs Rawalpindi - Islamabad

                      WE ensure

                      *Use of Best Materials
                      *Employ the most experienced Technical Teams
                      *Supervision by Qualified Engineers
                      *Timely Completion of your Projects

                      Our Rates (B/A/A+)

                      Grey Structure 1295/1395/1595 per sqft
                      Finishing 1095/1295/1995 per sqft

                      HOMESCON Pvt Ltd
                      Spring North, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
                      03089114000, 03352766000
                        204 days ago 

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