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I am looking to find out the estimated cost of constructing a house in b-17 islamabad on a plot size of 35x70.

I know construction costs depends on a lot of things. But i'm just looking to get an idea of the cost i would incur. With and without basement costs.

The purpose is to sell the house on profit after completion or rent it out.

Secondly, i need recommendation of a reliable and honest builder to hire.

Thank you!

    1379 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Prop Guide
    (6959 posts)
    The construction cost wud dpnd upon covrd area.

    Cost per sq ft wud be around 2000 Rs plus minus.
      1379 days ago 

      Adil Yousaf
      (8 posts)
      Your cost would be around 2000 per sq.ft
        1379 days ago 

        (134 posts)
        Dear sir,

        I am representing Estrada Construction Solutions pvt. Ltd, a construction company with extensive experience , forgine qualified management and skilled labour.

        We have carried out many residential and commercial project in Islamabad, Punjab and KPK.

        for you query you should be looking at around 2200 for house without basement

        and 2300 for house with basement .

        the amount mentioned above is only for reference and should not be considered final.

        it could be even more or could be less depending upon the construction quality and finishing items you require

        For further information please feel free to contact us on


        or vist our website

          1376 days ago 

          Hamza Asif
          (829 posts)
          Contact AmerAdnan Associates for modern design and ideas. You can see our work at Please contact us at 042-36655262 or send your contact details at Thank you.
            1373 days ago 

            (10 posts)
            Be careful with contractors of B-17. I started a house but the contractor did not follow design specifications mentioned in the drawings. Never give with material contract, always stay on their head and take engineer for checking of foundation etc.
              1372 days ago 

              Danish Broth..
              (229 posts)
              Cost Break up is as follows;

              basement( minimum cost of construction) =Rs. 35 Lac

              Ground Floor = Rs. 30 Lac

              First Floor = Rs. 27 Lac

              Kindly contact for any more information or detailed quantity of materials required free of cost/charges. Drawings can also be prepared free of cost

              Danish Brothers

              Builders & Contractors

                1367 days ago 

                Saif Khan
                (24 posts)
                Dear Junaid, When some one imagine about a contractor he founds the person who has countless ways to deceive people, and unfortunately it is true, there are very few people who are sincere and true. I have done work with many contractor and found a company Royal Stone Pvt. Ltd a little bit better. There office is in DHA 2, Islamabad. They always discourage to share there cell on any forum, I share their e-mail address. They are a little strict on bargaining but you will found peace of mind with them. Thanks.

                  1360 days ago 

                  ARMCO Holdin..
                  (87 posts)
                  Dear Junaid,

                  with material rate will around Rs.1800-2000/sq.ft

                  and it will cost you around 80 lakh for ground and 1st foor.

                  And without material rate is about Rs.1200/Sq.ft and it will cost you around 52-55 lakh,

                  and if you want to sale he house i recommend you not to build the basement because it will be costly and buyer dont pay enough for this.

                  For further details

                  Contact :

                  ARMCO-A R Mirza and Company

                  A leading construction Company,

                  +92 300 8626291
                    1359 days ago 

                    Ammar Ali
                    (30 posts)
                    Grey structure labor rate 265 per sq ft

                      1351 days ago 

                      (1 post)
                      Construction cost= 2000 per sq ft

                      Skyrise Builders
                        1350 days ago 

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