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I am starting this discussion to enable people to ask all the questions from stupid and silly (to which a 10 year old should know the answer) to intelligent and brilliant (which will challenge the best of contractors and architects. After all the dummies will not always be dummies. They will become masters, and all it takes is getting your own house constructed - especially on a tight budget!

Also, any and all corrections, imporvements, replacements will be highly welcomed. Experienced people are requested to chip in with advice, suggestions and assistance.

So assuming that the plot has been bought, i will list the steps involved in order to lay down the platform for discussion!

A. Preliminary steps:

1. Obtain possession and plot layout;

2. Soil test (mostly required in the potohaar region including islamabad);

3. Apply for water, electricity and gas; collect demand note from electricity company;

4. Procure detailed design;

5. Prepare budget and bill of quantities;

6. Do boring if water supply is erratic;

7. Flood the plot with water for two days;

8. Hire a road roller for compaction;

9. Engage contractor and introduce with design architect;

10. Hire chowkidar and build temporary store room/guard room with loose bricks;

B. Grey structure

(gravity-based load bearing brick masonry walls with cement mortar) or (column based):

1. Earth work including disposal (keeping for filling foundations)

2. Procuring and laying compacting material (uniform thickness) in the form of brick aggregate;

3. Watering and compacting the material laid as described;

4. Injecting chemical emulsion for anti-termite treatment; afterwards plugging the holes with cement mortar 1(cement):2 (coarse sand); chlorpyriphos/lindane ec 20% with 1% concentration;

5. Foundations, footings, bases of column for mass concrete; {{{plz advise depth of foundation???}}}

6. Suspended floors, roofs, landings, scaffolding and access platform;

7. Laying in place, specified grade of reinforced cement concrete{{{plz advise ratio???}}} 1:1:2 cement, sand, stone aggregate bajri???;

8. Centring, shuttring, finishingg and reinforcement;

9. Reinforced cement concrete work in beams, suspended floors, roofs with slope of 15 degree, landings, balconies, shelves, chhajjas, lintels, bands, alain window sills, staircases using ratio of 1:1:5:3 cement, sand, stone aggregate 20mm size;

10. Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars;

11. Brick work and walls cement-mortar 1:4;

12. Steel bars at every third course of half brick masonry.

C. Fittings

1. Mep works;

2. Fixing good quality wood in frames of doors, windows, clerestory windows and other frames, wrought framed and fixed in position;

3. Door shutter and stainless steel butt hinges;

Glazed shutter for windows and doors;

4. Grills, frames, guard bar, ladders, railings, brackets, gate etc.

D. Finishing

1. Granite work;

2. Mirrors;

3. Provide openings for bathroom and kitchen fittings such as wash basins, kitchen sinks etc.

4. Mirror polishing;

5. Marble stone slabs;

6. Tile works;

7. Ceiling works;

8. Exterior works;

9. Paint work;

10. Paint and polish of doors, windows including priming coat, rubbing etc.

E. Final touch

1. Integral cement based water proofing treatment etc of roofs, balconies, exterior walls using broken bricks, cement mortar 1:5 and water proofing compound;

2. Flooding with water for 2 weeks to do final testing and commissioning under architect/engineer supervision.

F. Conclusion

Quran recitation and house warming party.



FORTY-STAGE Construction:-

Stages during construction of a new house:

1. Soil analysis of the plot tested for any lose fill

2. Designing and layout

3. Apply for Water, Electricity and Gas connections

4. Construction of store for cement and security guard

5. Underground water boring

6. Construction of underground water tank (I think if boring is done then no need of UGT as the pump can directly throw the water in over head tank)

7. Raft drawing by architect

8. Laying concrete

9. Purchase of sariya, cement, marble waste and bricks

10. Construction of raft foundation

11.Brick laying work for foundation walls

12. Filling the foundation

13. DPC

14. Wall construction, and beams filling (no need of next step if a running beam goes all over the structure at 7 feet)

15. Fabrication of doors and windows beams

16. Shuttering for the roof

17. Point for fans and lights in the roof (electrician and plumbers come when sariya work in lanter is finished)

18. Give 10 days to lanter to solidify and keep its surface dipped in water (esp in summers)

19. Order chaughats (doors frames of steel or wood according to your liking and budget)

20. Start walls and beams/columns raising (if building steel frame structure)

21. Same steps now as for the ground floor roof lanter, electricians and plumbers called for keeping power and pipes holes etc-

22. If you are building two stories at once, start plaster from above. But before palster starts keep chaughats ready as they are installed with plaster and also plumber and electricians run cutter in the walls for installing pipes for water and wire.

23. Clear the debris from the floors

24. Call plumber and electricians to lay underground piping, you will need to buy wires and plumbing stuff like sewerage etc

25. Put a concrete layer (called Katcha) and pipes go under it.

26. Call electrician to do the wiring

27. Buy marble or tiles as you like

28. Buy covers for water tank, gutters and rain traps. The frames are installed before flooring begins

29. Order main gate so it is ready when katcha is done if you are going for a sliding gate

30. When marble, tiles are finished install doors

31. You can also start work in bathrooms, make your choice of tiles and colour meanwhile to save time when other works are going on

32. Get kitchen cabinets made or buy ready made according to your choice

33. Get grills and windows installed

34. If structure is not damp and the cement is dried up bring the painter

35. Install fans and lights and air conditioners

36. Install railings for curtains

37. Test are electric, gas and water points if there is any leak or seepage

38. Get water tanks cleaned

39. Get the floor cleaned (normally they put wood waste on it to protect it)

40. And move to your new house

    1867 days ago In Building Contractors
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    (3020 posts)
    BR Malik sahab waiting for your reply!
      1864 days ago 

      Baber Rabban..
      (1628 posts)
      Sorry for the late reply. Following are the points in my mind.

      1. One should install "Sun Seeker" app on android phone or iPad. It will show path of sun on your plot through google earth. It shows sun angle and duration of sun throughout the year. Easy to use.

      2. Have more windows towards North side. Less on southern side.

      Usually sun direction issue is ignored by expert architects even.

      3. Have right sized windows. Not more not less. Make two windows but right sized to havr cross ventilation. If there are houses built on all sides of your home, you will be fortunate to use windows on sides liberally.

      4. Corner plots are more exposed to sun. Opt for wall insulation but islamabad homes have problem of space. Double walls ( Not cavity walls) take some space. So wall insulation depends upon location and how much harsh sun is targeting your house. Do not go straight away for wall insulation.
        1863 days ago 

        Baber Rabban..
        (1628 posts)
        5. Roof insulation will give you highest ROI. Most of the heat is absorbed by concrete. Lenter has a good mass and it retaina heat for long. Most important is to protect your roof from absorbing heat.

        Do heavy insulation on your roof.i.e 2 inches foam on roof. Its technically called EPS ( aextruded Polystyrene Foam). Its offered by Diamond foam and Master foam plus some other insulation companies.

        I would recommend jumbolon 2 inch. It had list price of Rs 100/sq ft.

        But its installation is a bit technical. One should always go by book and recommended installation method. It will help in having long term effects for years.
          1863 days ago 

          Baber Rabban..
          (1628 posts)
          Insulation of roof should be done few days after top lenter. Lenter should be bare. Do not have mud etc on lenter before insulation.

          Do not leave any corner or shade without insulation on top roof. It will seal whole roof from absorbing heat. Lenter has steel bars which transmitt heat to whole lenter. So always cover full roof and mumty too.

          6. Lastly install white marble on roof like sunny white is the cheapest. It will deflect further heat from roof.

          So if you are successful in having zero heat absorption for lenter, you will enjoy it a lot.

          Its not only insulation material but the method too. In our culture, everyone give different mashvaray. One should hear to it but only act if its not different than instructions on manual.

          Various hollow tiles are available in market. It has very low performance. Thermopore is good in initial one or two years but wears out in few years.

          Only go for Extruded Polystyrene foam. Its uaed internationally. Reject cultural concepts like having 6 inch mud on roof and uae only scientifically proven methods.

          I hope I am clear in what I wanted to say.
            1863 days ago 

            (3020 posts)
            Mailk sahab how is wall insulation done?
              1863 days ago 

              (3020 posts)
              I have read through what someone has explained about insulation on this link:


              Excellent stuff!
                1863 days ago 

                (155 posts)
                Hail, Pk1 !
                  1863 days ago 

                  Mr Kashmiri
                  (273 posts)
                  Since you brothers have broken down each step of requirements of building a house. Can you give a break of cost including labour. You can add extra few thousand Rs even if the contractor is very expensive.

                    1863 days ago 

                    (3020 posts)
                    Kashmiri bhai costs vary a lot depending on choice of materials and relative honesty of contractor/thaikaydaar. If you build with self supervision and self material procurement you can keep the cost below Rs 2000 per square ft with above average quality but not excellent quality. On the other hand, with contractor all on his own (Pharaon contracting), you will end up at Rs 3000 per square ft with the same quality range!

                    Sir I cannot say I am an expert, lets hear from real construction experts on this forum such as Malik SB, H-T, DSA and Mohsin overseas.
                      1863 days ago 

                      (333 posts)
                      Seems like the crux of it is that if you construct without personal fulltime involvement, you should stomach a loss of 30% as higher cost. Pretty bad!
                        1862 days ago 

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