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Dear brothers,

I am looking for suggestions and help on drawing map / layout for constructing house. The challenge is with plot odd shape like a right angle triangle. It is 1 kanal plot on slope. Front is approx 100 feet, perpendicular side is 90 feet with hypotenuse of approx 130 feet.Due to slope at site, it would have a basement and ground floor.

Can some brother share tips on a good map for triangle plot? Any ideas for easy to use software which can make sketch to scale for beginners?

Regards to all

    652 days ago In Architects
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    Shakoor sb,let me tell you that instead of trying and roaming here and there doing experimentation to save some pennies,try to hire the best of the architect.Trust me it will thoroughly change the outlook of your house if done by a professional architect.Rest these desi draftsmen or such people will totally ruin your design and in the end u will regret.Every penny paid to a professional architect is worth it.The cost of archiect in hardly 2 to 3 percent of the total project which is not a very big amount considering the scale of investment and the worth of the project.
      652 days ago 

      (1426 posts)
      WE can give you design and layout planning of your odd size plot.

      If you are interested contact us.


      Team dSA

        651 days ago 

        Abdul Wahab
        (189 posts)
        Hello Mr. Shakoor

        You have a outclass plot. We love to design houses on triangular and odd shape plots. We just finish a house on triangular plot. You never judge now, that the house is on odd shape plot if you visit that house.

        For designing your house please visit our office or contact us through my cell number.


        Ar. Wahab

        Arch Five Arhcitects

          651 days ago 

          (82 posts)
          Dear Wahab sb

          Thanks for response. Insha Allah, will be contacting you soon.

          Best regards
            649 days ago 

            Home Constru..
            (322 posts)
            Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BSc Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

            And also providing the designing facilities.

            Further information


            Engineer Umer khan


              648 days ago 

              Sarco Associ..
              (45 posts)

              if you are interested in qualified architect,with over 25 yrs of experience you can contact. 03335444044
                645 days ago 

                Hammad Assoc..
                (5 posts)
                If u want to design ur dream house according to ur dimension "Hammad Associates" have best experienced architect designers in his team.

                Contact Us at


                or email us at

                  632 days ago 

                  Imran Niazi
                  (13 posts)
                  Dear Shakoor Sb,

                  I'm sure you've tried some of the firms mentioned above, if your still pondering, kindly contact me (via email/phone) on the details below. We will offer you another solution as per any further details you would like to provide. We have an excellent architect along with a professional team that will provide a turn key solution.

                  Kind Regards,

                  Imran Niazi

                  +92 3004390762

                  RS Associates (Architectural and Engineering Firm with Turn-Key solutions for all kinds of projects)
                    624 days ago 

                    (1 post)
                    Hi i have a plot in triangle showing width 30 feet and length 40 feet with 1200sft area i want to make it to a perfect square plot by leaving space and want to construct house in that area,i want to know Vaasthu and perfect designing in square shape of house will anyone suggest me how to do that
                      338 days ago 

                      (27 posts)
                      Map is available for triangle plot

                      As we have already constructed house for a client in bahria

                      For more you can contact

                        337 days ago 

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