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Waleed tahir
( 2 posts )

[15 Replies]
How much money do i need to build a one-kanal house in pakistan?

    560 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Home Constru..
    (328 posts)
    Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BS.c Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

    And also providing the designing facilities.

    For more details plz. Visit Our facebook page.

    Further information:

    Engineer Umer khan

    (BSc Civil Engineer)


      559 days ago 

      Ty Phoon
      (203 posts)
      Roughly you'll need 6.5 million rupees if you want to have a one storey 1 kanal house (50 x 90)

      If you want to build it double storeys then around 14 million.. More or less depending on the quality of material.
        559 days ago 

        (207 posts)
        Bahi tell your city location then someone can give you rouh estimate
          524 days ago 

          (1448 posts)
          Your city? Society?
            524 days ago 

            (4444 posts)
            YC Sir,the estimates you are presenting are on the very lower side for an A+ house.A+ house is costing approx 2900 to 3000 if done by the owner himself and if done on turn key,it costs even more.
              523 days ago 

              Muhammad Has..
              (27 posts)
              Dear Sirs,

              ​We (White Pearl International) are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the​

              ​renowned ​​​​construction​ ​company in Sultanate of Oman and Pakistan with several

              projects going on​ ​in both count​ries.​

              With experience in ​constructing.


              ​Commercial/​Residential/​Industrial buildings​,


              ​Developing and Planning ​Housing societies​​,​

              ​Bridges, Roads etc​​

              We have solution for any of your requirement.

              Please give your whatsapp number to send you company profile

              Best Regards,

              Muhammad Hassaan Ijaz |Business Development & Marketing |

              White Pearl International LLC | Construction – Trading – Services |

              Muscat | Sultanate of Oman | ----- | Lahore | Pakistan |

              Contact Details

              ​Mobile | 00-92-300 4747646 |
                523 days ago 

                Muhammad Akr..
                (14 posts)
                Pkrs 2600 to 3000 per sft Contact for detail depends on design and rquirements


                M Akram

                  513 days ago 

                  Ammar Ali
                  (30 posts)
                  We provide bricks in islamabad and rawalpindi

                  Bith a and b quality bricks are available

                  A quality (awal) 8500 per 1000

                  B quality (dom) 7500 per 1000

                  Rates are with transport


                    513 days ago 

                    (84 posts)

                    Best Quality @ Fair Price

                    Grey Structure - Rs 990/ sqft

                    Finishing - Rs 990/ sqft

                    HOMESON Pvt Ltd

                    Spring North, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

                    0308 911 4000, 0335 27 66 000

                      404 days ago 

                      (8 posts)

                      Estimates given above are just vague average cost of a kanal house.I ended up spending almost 26 million while i had allocated 19 million for the project.We mostly exceed our budget due to preferences and to achieve desired quality of finishes.

                      Better to plan and decide first what kind of house that you want to build.
                        403 days ago 

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