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I am looking for a building contractor to build a 30x60 house in i-16. Will someone please share the gray structure cost and the cost of a class finishing. Total covered area will be around 3200~3300 sq ft.

Also share a sample house construction agreement.

    278 days ago In Building Contractors
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    We can give you design and execution at one place.

    if interested contact us for further discussions.


    Team dSA

      277 days ago 

      Sohail anwar
      (3 posts)
      Dear Ahsan,

      Would you please share your whatsapp no. Or contact no to share and discuss your project.

      Engr. Sohail Anwar

      03485135150 (Phone+Whatsapp)
        276 days ago 

        Danish Broth..
        (229 posts)
        Dear Mr. Ahsan

        Cost of grey structure = Rs.4.0 Million with A class materials

        Cost of complete finish= Rs.8---9 Million

        Work included in grey structure are:

        Structure of house (walls, foundation, beams, columns, U.G tanks, O.H tank,septic tank,) plus plaster, screed concrete, sewerage work, electric conduits, water supply piping, pipe laying for gas works, anti termite treatment.


        Danish Brothers construction professionals

        Email :
          276 days ago 

          (136 posts)
          Dear Ahsan

          8 marla grey structure would cost you around 40-45 lac. With good quality material.

          And complete house would cost you around 90 lacs. With good finish

          we are a construction company with foreign qualified staff and highly skilled work force. We have carried out many residential projects in Islamabad KPK and Punjab. If interested please contact us on

            269 days ago 

            Khawaja Adee..
            (6 posts)
            Cost of grey structure is Rs1350/sqft- Rs 1500/sqft depending on your exact drawings. Finishing from 1800 till your budget. Visit or contact 0300 4747646 to know about our company.


            Muhammad Hassaan Ijaz

            White Pearl International
              267 days ago 

              Azeem Mirza
              (20 posts)
              Mughal Construction & Architect

              provides complete construction services with cost-effective rates.

              We have highly skilled labour and experienced management to

              give for trouble-free construction services.

              For free survey call us now.

              Azeem Mirza 03211400147
                213 days ago 

                Asim Rasheed
                (2 posts)

                for gray structure cost 1150/sqrf

                with A class finishing 2700/sqrf

                feel free to call


                  211 days ago 

                  Umar Saeed
                  (8 posts)
                  Grey structure will cost you around 1400 and finish 1300 with a class finishes.

                  Final rate will be given after map and discussion with client


                  engineer umar saeed

                  usman construction

                    206 days ago 

                    Faheem Raza
                    (35 posts)
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                    --Zameen Admin
                      78 days ago 

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