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Aoa all .
Inshaaallah im going to construct my house after eid in bahria town phase 8 f1 block. Before that i want to make my budget, so if some one there who can help me for budget sheet.

Is 70 lacs are enough for 2 story house. My requirements
Ground story = 2 room/bath + living + dd + kitchen
1st floor = 3 bed/bath + living + kitchen


    1646 days ago In Building Contractors
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    Thanks to all of you for your reply. At this stage I decided to construct my house on my own at least gray structure. I will provide all material and only pay for labour rate for gray structure. I want to ask how much is labour rate for Sq/F in Bahria town phase 8 ??

    Specially thanks to Mr BR Malik sb for your detail reply and AR Bangash bahi sb.

    BR Malik sb can you please email me your finishing work pictures . I read your most of the post and it was very helpful. My email

      1636 days ago 

      (836 posts)
      Hamza why dont you construct a basement,as f1 sector is suitable for it,
        1636 days ago 

        (123 posts)
        Brother adnan I have very limited budget around 7 to 8 mullion Max. I don't think it's enough budget for basement + 2 floors.
          1635 days ago 

          (68 posts)
          Asalam o alikum,

          Dear hamza sir I know waseem builder he will guide you about your construction of your house in this budget. Thanks 03004582022, 03234582022
            1622 days ago 

            (207 posts)
            Roots Engineering Services is providing the construction services to our prestigious client for several years . I offer my services to build new house with A+ GRADE Construction with three different types of styles, material and rates Economy, Deluxe and luxury rates as follows

            Rs.1790 to 2870/sft)

            FINSIHIG JOB

            WITH MATERIAL

            WORK INCLUDED

            Super Structure

            • Thick masonry up to ceiling level.

            • RCC/RBC slabs, Lintels Beams

            Surface Rendering

            • Application of cement plaster to all the ceilings………………….


            • Compaction of Backfill material, dressing , leveling. Laying of Brick Ballast………..

            • Laying of 2” PCC under flooring

            Roof Insulation

            • Includes cleaning, coats of hot bitumen, one layer of polythene sheet…………


            • Conducting, wirings, DB’s fixing only

            Plumbing Work

            • Sewer Line, Man Holes, Baths hot and cold water pipe lines, overhead pipe line , rain water.

            • pipe only( PPR and UPVC Fittings)

            • Wood work OR Solid Wood Construction (Diyar/Aish wood/ kayl/ Partal)

            • Lassani / High Glass Sheet.

            • Frame wood Kail AAA.

            • Rooms Wardrobes.

            • Kitchen Cabin

            • Tv launch Section.

            • Doors Skin Panel (Malaysian)

            • Solid Wood Construction

            • Windows

            • Aluminum work for All home Windows and Glass (ghani)

            • RAILING / STAIR

            • Steel staircase.

            • Face work Front Elevation

            • Depending upon your design, combination of tiles, stone, graphy etc.

            • Fancy fire places

            • Installation of fire place

            • Floor Marble.

            • Floor Marble / Tile.

            • Bath Room Tile Flooring.

            • Shower sets Master / Sonex / RAK

            • Bathroom tiles imported

            • Bathroom Vanities, Commode, Basin PORTA / Mariachi / imported etc

            • Accessories

            • Fixtures and accessories of baths, kitchen. Stainless Steel

            • False ceiling depending upon…

            • Wooden Floor

            • I offer one room of wooden floor as well………………


            WITH MATERIAL

            (Rs2800 to 4000 /sft)


            With awal number bricks and using standard ratio of sand + cement.

            Free to ask any question regarding construct new build home

            You can construct your own house under your supervision as well if you have any doubt. Contact me through emails or phone numbers so that share all types of styles work and material along with rates.


            Faheam: 00923217867889


              1595 days ago 

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