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Aoa all .
Inshaaallah im going to construct my house after eid in bahria town phase 8 f1 block. Before that i want to make my budget, so if some one there who can help me for budget sheet.

Is 70 lacs are enough for 2 story house. My requirements
Ground story = 2 room/bath + living + dd + kitchen
1st floor = 3 bed/bath + living + kitchen


    1959 days ago In Building Contractors
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    (1466 posts)
    Dear Hamza,

    It is is mannaged it is good budget to complete your home.

    It all depends on your planning,design and finishes selection.

      1958 days ago 

      Hamza Asif
      (829 posts)
      It all depends upon your selection of material and design that you want to use in your dream home construction. It is a smart budget to construct a home. We have categories according to customer`s budget like A,B and C. It will be more useful that if we arrange a meeting to discus these things in details. Kindly send your contact details at or call on 042-36655262. You can see our sample work by visiting
        1958 days ago 

        Baber Rabban..
        (1628 posts)
        70 lakh means it would be roughly Rs 2000/sq ft. I think it's a tight budget and at the end you would have to manage some 15 lakhs more. I calculated if your sq ft area is 3500 sq ft.
          1958 days ago 

          (134 posts)
          Dear Hamza,

          with respect to an average house you budget seems reasonable. If you want to go above average you might have to increase it.

          if you can give us a little more details of your requirement we might be in a better position to tell you if it is do able with in your budget .

          we are professional builders and If you would like to discuss it further please do no hesitate to call us on 03000666602

          or visit our website

            1957 days ago 

            Abdul Wahab
            (196 posts)
            Its a good budget if it spend carefully. You need an architect who can design your dream house according to your requirements. Than he will suggest you building material according to your budget. At this stage you will come to know how much budget you require.

            If you want to build your house after I suggest you that its a good time to go and consult with architect.

            We are also giving turn key solution "from design to construction". Feel free to get any information regarding designing & construction.

            Kind Regards,

            Ar. Wahab

            arch five Architects


            49 DHA Phase II Islamabad
              1953 days ago 

              Muhammad Ajm..
              (4 posts)
              I want to build grey structure on 12 Marla house, it has basement

              Ground floor and fist floor, map has been made

              I need a builder who construct my house as per architect design and later on finish my house

              Dr Muhammad Ajmal
                1952 days ago 

                Muhammad Ajm..
                (4 posts)
                Yes post me reply
                  1952 days ago 

                  Engineering ..
                  (31 posts)
                  Muhammad Ajmal

                  We Group of Architects and Engineer are here to help you.

                  Please share with us your plans if already made by some one for quotation or if not then we we provide free design service of projects awarded to us.

                  Feel free to consult.

                  Best Regards,

                  Engr. Shahid Kamran

                  B.E Civil (UET Lahore)

                  Engineering Development Associates, Lahore

                    1950 days ago 

                    Ar. Bangash
                    (33 posts)
                    Don't worry.

                    It's good amount of budget for your house as its almost above Rs 2000/Sq.Ft which is really good for decent quality of work.

                    You need to have check on certain things like contractor (if you hire any) and quality of work.

                    The actual construction would depend upon the actual covered area to be constructed plus types of material used.

                    Go ahead but don't get hurry in selecting contractor/Consultant etc

                    Best of Luck
                      1949 days ago 

                      (1466 posts)
                      Dr Ajmal Sb.

                      Please share more information of your house project at our direct email address for

                      further discussions.


                        1949 days ago 

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