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[7 Replies]
Has anyone installed led lights and internal light fitting in there home during new build? I hear the technology is much more evolved and there is no need for false ceilings as led units run on 220v supply no need for convertors?

    2548 days ago In Electrical Supplies
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    (2512 posts)
    Brother, i used them in 2011 when i was building a house in G-10, i fixed all LED lights, they were very bright, good and also affected the electric bill, controlled it, but they lasted for only 6 months, then i had to change one by one, as they are not long lasting without any warranty and those who tell that they give warranty, lie.
    So i transformed all the lights to energy savours,
    LED technology is good but still it will take time in Pakistan to establish.
      2547 days ago 

      Ahsen Khan
      (190 posts)
      LED are energy efficient as well.
        2547 days ago 

        Sherjeel Ali
        (2 posts)
        Dear Friends,

        If any of you want quality LED Bulbs from Taiwan (RITEK) then kindly note that they are available with one year warranty at wholesale price at Islamabad.

        Call on 0343-5099153 during office hours to have more information.
          2540 days ago 

          (316 posts)
          I am dealing with EXSSN brand. And giving the warranty of two years... All types of LED lights for commercial and home . Its the time to move to LED lightening.
            2508 days ago 

            (765 posts)
            LED use even less electricity than Energy Savers, and last much longer than Energy Savers. A good quality LED will last 70,000 hours or longer, which means nearly 20 years of use. But retailers in Pakistan usually stock cheap reject stock and want to be paid for A1 stock, so it is important to buy from a reputable retailer or get them from abroad.
              2508 days ago 

              Ali Ahmed
              (17 posts)
              I can provide high quality LED lights here from the UK...
                2507 days ago 

                (1 post)
                If any of you want quality LED Bulbs you can visit us at and place your order.
                  708 days ago 

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