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[6 Replies]
I have a house( 30x50) in g-10/1 sector and it was built in 1988. My mother is the owner of this house but now she is sick and we want to move to other sector where my other family members are living so that we all take care of her properly.
I want to renovate it first and then sell it.It has

On the ground floor:

-one car porch,
-big drawing/ dining room,
-two bedrooms with one attached washroom
- one room in the backyard with washroom

On the first floor:

-three bedrooms with two attach washrooms
-one store
-big terrace

I intend to do

- marble flooring ( both upper and ground floors)
- aluminium windows ( total 9 )
- main gate
-have both new kitchens fitted (each 8x10 approx),
- new stairs railing

Kindly, suggest me how much cost it will take.


    1228 days ago In Architects
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    (22 posts)
    Contact us for free visit and cost estimation

    you can also visit our recent renovation sites for quality work

    0316-1512255/ 0333-5339106
      1227 days ago 

      Ar. Bangash
      (33 posts)
      It won't be possible for anyone to tell you about the cost without visiting the Site or giving them Complete Details with Specs/Drawings so the quantities may be calculated.

      Just for an idea, Even a Single Window may Cost 12000 to 30000 or even more depending upon the Size.

      SO the actual cost may be 50 % or 200 % without Specs
        1227 days ago 

        Umar saeed
        (8 posts)
        Give us time ..we are professional engineers..will give u detail cost estimate after visit at site.

        if u want any alteration or modification ..a detail drawing with 3d animation can also be provided


        umar saeed

        civil engineer

          1225 days ago 

          Danish Broth..
          (229 posts)
          Site visit and on site measurements are a must before giving any estimate . So visit may be arranged if interested
            1224 days ago 

            Ijaz Alvi
            (43 posts)
            Hi there Fathema

            I can give you a rough estimate without looking at your house,we are looking at almost 1200000 (twelve lacs) it does not include paint which you will be needing if you want to sell it. Feel free to give me a buzz if you have any questions


            ijaz alvi 0343 5038861

            Builders Square (construction and Renovation Services)

            or visit
              1201 days ago 

              Ijaz Alvi
              (43 posts)
              Hi there

              were you able to find any contractor if not feel free to give me a call i am available till weekend and will be more than happy to visit your location and discuss your case


              Ijaz Alvi

              0343 5038861

              Builders Square
                1195 days ago 

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