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Sufiyan Mahm..
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When a person wants to construct a house, cement is a major purchase for the contractor. It is a significant part of the construction process, which affects the quality and longevity of the structure. Therefore, it is a genuine question to ask which is the best cement in pakistan?

Since pakistan is a developing country, there is much scope for infrastructure expansion. This means that there is no lack of demand for the best cement in pakistan. To meet this demand, there are a number of companies working in the local cement industry.

Many cement production units in pakistan are still working with old and outdated technology. However, companies in the public sector are making efforts for modernisation, replacement, and balance. There is also research underway to not only increase the production of cement but minimise the cost the process incurs as well.

The cement industry in pakistan has been going strong for a long while. The core reason behind this is the abundant availability of the main raw materials required for the production of cement, including limestone and clay. The country has such rich abundance of these materials that the industry can easily survive for the coming 50 to 60 years.

One problem that arises from such a large and well-rooted cement industry is that there are a significant number of brands working within it. This makes it quite difficult for buyers to select the best cement in pakistan.

As per my knowledge, the following are some of the best cement companies in pakistan with their respective production capacities:

Dg khan 2,110,500
Lucky cement 810,000
Askari cement 1,701,500
Maple leaf 5,670,000
Attock cement 2,995,500
Pioneer cement 4,550,250
Kohat cement 5,017,500
Thatta cement 577,080
Dewan cement 1,764,000
Fauji cement 3,433,500

Some of these companies are present in more than one province and the capacity of each factory may vary.

Another problem with such a large cement industry is the production of replica or fake products. This means that your contractor may not be buying the original quality cement. For on-site checking to see whether you really do have the best cement in pakistan, your contactor can run the following tests:

• check the bag for the official sign/emblem of the brand. It can be compared to the bag shown on the brand’s official website

• rub the sand between the fingers. The texture should be smooth. A rough texture indicates the addition of sand content

• the cement should have a uniform grey colour

• add a small amount of cement into a bucket of water. The product should sink to the bottom and not float on the surface

I would really like the forum’s participants to share their personal experiences with cement brands in the country. If you have ever dealt with construction, which is the best cement in pakistan in your opinion?

    316 days ago In Cement
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    Lisa Qin
    (2 posts)
    CHAENG have advanced technology production equipment and a professional technical team. CHAENG holds deep domain knowledge of the industry and hence, is equipped to offer customized service that are directed to meet the needs of clients from cement plants.

    Cement production line includes crushing and pre-homogenization, raw material preparation & homogenization, preheating & decomposition, cement clinker sintering, cement grinding and packaging etc. CHAENG have the ability to built 300t / d ~ 3000 t /d cement production line independently, And has extensive experience in the design and construction, built many large cement production line
      280 days ago 

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