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Bilal Khan
( 3 posts )

[14 Replies]
Need to know what would be the best option for bedroom doors, can't afford solid diyar wood doors, but also I do not like to have Malayasian ply doors, wants some suggestion to have economical doors with elegant look, price should be not be more than 8000 per door of 21 sq ft.

    1613 days ago In Other Building Materials
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    Baber Rabban..
    (1628 posts)
    You should buy Imported Kail wood from timber merchants in Pindora Rawalpindi or I-11 market probably. Half price of diyar.

    2nd step should be to use lasani green HDF sheet in between frame of door. Do not know final cost but will have great look.
      1612 days ago 

      Hamza Asif
      (830 posts)
      You may also contact with the wood market in CHINIOT. You will find the best quality wood over there as CHINIOT is famous all over the world because of its wood. For designs, you may also take help from designers and order what you want. You can also find this wood in cities but that will be cost you heavily.
        1612 days ago 

        (1405 posts)
        We can design and manufacture for you the ply doors which will be like solid doors...

        If you are interested contact us for further details.



          1611 days ago 

          (141 posts)
          I think then you should go for Engineered doors.
            1609 days ago 

            (31 posts)
            By ready made engineered wood doors. They are much better than solid wood.
              1608 days ago 

              (175 posts)
              Your problem must be solved by now but for other users, for my house, Imported Kail (costed 1500 per sq ft) mixed with Red-Oak-veneered-Lasani turned out to be a great experience. Although the first door was put in place a week ago, it's looking great so far.
                1532 days ago 

                (43 posts)
                Can anyone suggest which one is better:

                wood door vs. Fiber doors
                  924 days ago 

                  (217 posts)
                  Dear bilal khan

                  Wood working is the activity or skill of making items from wood, and includes wood carving, joinery, and carpentry.


                  When you enter a house, the first thing you face that is the Main Door of the house. Main Door always made up of solid wood. Always choose a beautiful and attractive design. Select quality wood for main doors.


                  Here are some beautiful woods available in Pakistan or can be Import from other countries

                  A-Class Woods

                  Here are some most expensive, beautiful and quality woods that are using in Luxury housing.

                  1.Bocote (Cordia)

                  World's most expensive wood is Bocote. Bocote is sought for its great beauty and ease of working. Bocote is a particularly fine, beautiful wood, with colours varying from light to golden brown and variegated irregular marking. It has an attractive ray fleck figure If quartersawn. Bocote is a strong lustrous wood, with medium and uniform texture and straight or shallowly interlocked green.

                  2.Walnut (Akhrot)

                  A beautiful wood with straight grains has a medium texture and moderate natural luster. Walnut is using in Luxury housing needs, doors, furniture's etc.

                  Pine Wood (Chilgoza)

                  Pine is Pine, right ? not quiet.

                  There's quiet a range in density and strength when it comes to the pine. Pine has a big family

                  Sand pine, Spruce pine, Table mountain pine, pitch pine, Virgina pine, pond pine.

                  Deluxe Quality Woods

                  1.Deodar (Diyar)

                  Mostly using in Pakistan Housing Industry, Deodar is our National wood, it have a beautiful and attractive texture with its pleasant smell.

                  2.Sheesham Wood

                  Heart wood raises from dark brown to a darker reddish brown. Generally has a straight grain though it can be interlocked sometime severely so. Texture is medium to coarse with a good natural luster.

                  Standard Quality Woods

                  Here are some economical woods for standard quality housing

                  1.Ash Wood

                  A big family of Ash wood available in market Blue Ash, White Ash, Black Ash.

                  2.Teak Wood

                  Artificial Woods

                  Many artificial wood products are available in Pakistan. Mostly using in economical wood work for doors, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, furnishes etc.

                  for more details pls visit my blog



                  muzafar mirza
                    923 days ago 

                    Decon design..
                    (1 post)
                    We can custom made your door as per your specification

                      661 days ago 

                      (204 posts)
                      All person are sharing their very good experience and giving him as much as best suggestion


                        658 days ago 

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