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Lahore Development Authority (LDA) conducted the second ballot for its flagship LDA City project on February 14. Plot numbers were allocated against the 308 files the management had issued since December 01, 2019.

As LDA City’s exclusive marketing partner, was present at the occasion – and covered the event’s proceedings.

Punjab Minister for Housing Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed inaugurated the event in the presence of Director General (DG) Sumair Ahmed Syed. The Housing Minister appreciated LDA administration for being vigilant on expediting the project’s development. He also called LDA City project the ‘city of the future’.

LDA DG detailed that the civic body had employed the services of the Punjab Information Technology Board (pitb) for conducting the ballot in a transparent manner. Further he announced that the file-holders were required to pay only half of the development charges against the files comprising 1-kanal, 5-marla, and 10-marla plots.

The third ballot in LDA City has been announced for April 2020.

File-holders can view the results of the ballot on the LDA’s official website. To find out the plot number allotted to them against their file, they must enter the file number on the online page.’s coverage of the ballot’s proceedings is available for viewing on its various online platforms.

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