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Zameen Admin
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[No reply] is all set to host another edition of the Property Sales Event in Lahore on February 29 and March 1 (Saturday & Sunday); between 10 AM and 7 PM at the Cultural Hall, PC Hotel.

Grab this opportunity to avail exclusive discount offers on a fantastic array of property options available for purchase in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan, as well as Turkey.

Further, get a chance to interact with some of Pakistan's top property experts – all present under the same roof, at the same time. We will even throw in some high-tea refreshments to keep you going through the day, so you can focus on what’s important.

The local projects set for display at the Property Sales Event, Lahore, include:
• Mall 35
• Zameen Ace Mall
• Zameen Ace Homes
• Zameen Opal
• Defence Raya
• Air Avenue Luxury Apartments
• Indigo Boutique Apartments DHA
• 18 Green Defence Raya Golf Resort
• Indigo Boutique Apartments
• Zee Avenue
• The Opus
• Casa Reina
• Broadway Heights
• Icon Valley
• Icon Residencia
• Dream Gardens Lahore
• Al-Hayat Residencia
• City Star Residencia
• LDA City
• Green Apartments
• Hamza Residencia
• City Star Shopping Centre

Whereas, the Turkish real estate projects to be exhibited at the event will consist of:

• 3s Firuze Konaklari
• Deniz Istanbul
• Emaar Square
• Kordon Istanbul
• Nidapark Bomonti
• Prime Istanbul
• Pruva34
• Self Istanbul
• Sheraton Residence
• Vadistanbul
• Versus Dragos

So, join us for a wholesome real estate-surveying experience at the Property Sales Event, Lahore – set to take place at the Cultural Hall (PC Hotel) this weekend!

    40 days ago In Real Estate Exhibitions
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