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Armaghaan Kh..
( 36 posts )

[3 Replies]
Recently, i read about the RRUD Project and i wondered if it is going to be a success.

The Punjab Government is planning to rejuvenate RRUD, which is an ambitious scheme comprising of commercial and residential zones, business district, medical city, and forest reserves.

According to a news reports, the new city would be developed in resemblance of river Thames that runs through London. Also, the Lahore development authority (LDA) has issued section-4 of land acquisition act 1894 notification for 99000 acres area. The new city will be developed on both sides of the Ravi riverbank.

The project seems to be aiming at raising an entire parallel city near the old Lahore. But it raises a few questions:

First, will the government be able to provide basic facilities like water, sewerage connection, gas etc. Because we have seen a similar situation in Karachi?

Second, i think the project will take decades to complete given that in our country every government tries to reverse the projects of the previous government?

Third, is Lahore not going to be congested after the development of a parallel city? Maybe we’ll have to bring in Elon musk after this to dig up holes and make underground routes possible for traffic.

Fourth, what is the exact location of the project?

    127 days ago In Legal Documentation
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    (883 posts)
    I wont think it will be complete in next 20 years
      126 days ago 

      Armaghaan Kh..
      (36 posts)
      In my opinion, it will take more than three or four decades because we are talking about building a whole new city from scratch! Unless a miracle happens and they happen very rarely in third-world countries with loose systems.
        121 days ago 

        Asad Muneer
        (4 posts)
        So the LDA recently set up the Ravi Urban Development Agency (RUDA) for the establishment of a low-cost housing project to be developed along the banks of the Ravi River. Previously, the news had reported that they would build an entire city at the site, but they were just making a mountain out of a molehill. Reportedly the housing project has been made a part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Programme (NPHP).
          70 days ago 

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