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[10 Replies]
I got a 10 Marla plot in Soan Garden, Sector E, last year. Before construction --- the map was approved -- the society changed the dimensions (though slight change, but the map was approved by it).

Now see the real nightmare.

It is located near 2 Kanal plots. After I constructed the first storey house, the neighbour (a retied army bureaucrat) object saying, you are doing this doing that, blah blah and the society has divided the 2 Kanal plots into smaller plot ... This is wrong, I will call for stay order.

I did not pay much attention, thinking the society is CDA approved and I have bought plot, possession letter, transfer letter, map approval everything is there.

After Eid, my constructor told me that the neighbour is saying he has taken stay order for construction of this area (4 plots of 10 Marla each). I went to society and asked what is matter with stay order. The society said, yes, he has taken and our lawyer is working on it. I told them, I have single story already there and according to approved map, I can't wait to stay order to be cancelled. They said, in Pakistan legal matter takes time and you should negotiate with the neighbour yourself.

I lived in England for couple of yrs and it was my first ever construction in Pakistan. What an irony and mockery our system is..!


The neighbour's main concern is his house will look bad after these 10 Marla plots are constructed and that society has illegally divided the 2 Kanal plot into 4 plots of 10 Marla. Nonetheless, in that block (on same road, Shalimar), many 10 Marla houses has been constructed and people are living there.

Any suggestion please?

With regards,

-Dr. Musi.

    2304 days ago In General Advice
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    Khan Sahib
    (418 posts)
    What does the neighbour want and what is his objective?
      2304 days ago 

      (229 posts)
      Dear Khan saab,

      The neighbour's main concern is his house will look bad after these 10 marla plots are constructed and that society has illegally divided the 2 kanal plot into 4 plots of 10 marla. Nonetheless, in that block (on same road, Shalimar), many 10 marla houses has been constructed and people are living there.

        2304 days ago 

        (836 posts)
        You better take a stay against the society,then they ll come to senses,and will try to sort your problem out with that guy(so called bureaucrats)
          2304 days ago 

          (458 posts)
          So sorry to hear what you mentioned, no doubt soan garden management is one of the worst in all. I have had my experiences in dealing with them.....

          as the matter has gone to court, now you can only fight fire with fire....sue the society and the neighbor...I know its easy to say then doing it, no one has time to go through the BS legal process of our country. But you must get aggressive..
            2304 days ago 

            (229 posts)
            @ Adnan and YC,

            So both of you are agreed that I should sue the society?

            Any more suggestions, from expert of pls

            Thank you
              2303 days ago 

              (229 posts)
              Requesting members to comment pls.

              I have already spent abt 5-6M over this project.

              With immense thanks!
                2303 days ago 

                (4459 posts)
                I think treat them aggressively.
                  2303 days ago 

                  ALI MALIK
                  (37 posts)
                  First i think negotiation is a better option
                    2285 days ago 

                    (4 posts)
                    Its better for you to first negotiate with the neighbor and convince him to withdraw the case as it's not your fault at all.

                    And secondly, stay away from buying plots in such societies.
                      2285 days ago 

                      (1 post)
                      Dr. Musi,

                      What happened with this problem? is it fixed?
                        2217 days ago 

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