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Dear readers,

While all of the blogs on are very useful. I am still waiting for someone to shed light on areas left untouched.

I am yet to see a blog/article where the Property Tax of Pakistan is explained for Pakistani's and foreign Pakistani nationals in detail.

The contributors to forums and key bloggers including Miss Shaista, Miss Samra, Mr. Zain have already talked about the rise and drop in property prices due to changing tax-rates for fiscal year 2014-2015 but I am yet to see the details with actual percentages of tax laws imposed by this budget.

Some people would argue that, this is not debated yet because these new laws have not being passed yet. Thus, in this case one can always guide us on what the existing laws are.

Secondly, I would like to see (if possible) someone detailing pre and post house sale/purchase in relation to FBR.

For example, when you purchase a house/plot FBR would normally send you a letter requesting to show the source of finances for that particular investment.
What is the exact procedure to handle such situations? How to get about tackling FBR? The reason I ask is, once you provide necessary documents to FBR they try to drill you until they find a situation where they want to trap you requiring documents that may not be relevant.

If no one could answer this perhaps, you can perhaps provide details of reliable tax agents, tax lawyers (off-course economical ones) or other people who have strong understanding of how FBR works and how not to fall into tricks of FBR.

Other question includes, what commercial and residential insurance is available to investors/residents of DHA/Bahria for fire, theft, flood protection that the residents can take for protection of their assets.

Additionally, although the property in DHA and Bahria is booming I am interested to understand the security conditions in these societies.

For example, how secure is DHA Phase 5 for living or Bahria Sector C for living. General detail would not be useful since large societies like Bahria, DHA are widely spread and one rule may not be applicable to the other. Like every society nowadays is gated with security cars roaming around on the roads and what do people of DHA and Bahria have to say about this. Only actual residents of these societies can provide street information (as street information is different from
bookish/advertised information). Like, I have seen the residents of Valencia Town claming to have good security and so is the case with Bahria Town residents but what measures exist, what have people observed and experienced?

Obviously, this is a key question because if I am going for a xyz million investment I want to be sure that the society is secure and my kids can play outside the house without having the fear of getting kidnapped.

I have many other questions to discuss but I should take some rest first.


    1872 days ago In Property Taxation
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    Noman khan
    (60 posts)
    Hello sir.

    Your questions are quite important.

    I can help you in this matters.

    Kindly contact me through mail at
      1840 days ago 

      (1171 posts)
      Zeeshan bhai aap Toronto mein property ley lein... Wahaan insurance bhi milay gi or security bhi. Pakistan mein to hum Ayat al kursi parrh key ghar pay phook maar daitay Hein. Aur income tax to hamaray leader bhi nai daitay hum say kya lain gey. Koi fbr ka admi aaa bhi jaye tou uss waqt daikhi jaye gi.
        1839 days ago 

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          1839 days ago 

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