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Ashfaq Ahmed
( 31 posts )

[3 Replies]
I need to have an entire house renovated with the followingrnrninteriorrnall woodworks (doors, cabinets, cupboards + additional cabinets), kitchen complete revamp with appliances and accessories, all bathroom (x4), all pvc windows/doors and double glazing, ground floor tiles, stairs revamp, false ceiling + lighting, chandeliers, electrical sockets, intercom installation, paint - both inside and outside rnrnexteriorrnglass window / door shades (selected), small metal gate on the other side of the house, tile works around house and in the garage rnrnroofrnroof clay tiles and all generic repairs, metal staircase to the rooftop, rooftop grill and tiling rnrnmiscrnexisting piping/ducts check for water leakage, termite control (inside spray treatment and outside soil-applied), ups and ac installation, some additional tasks rnrnplease recommend some who are good at this and can complete the work on time. The house is located in islamabad dha phase 5. I'm looking for a contractor with quality work and finish with previous projects to demonstrate.

    902 days ago In Home Maintenance
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    Ijaz Alvi
    (36 posts)
    Hi there Mr Naqvi

    just saw your ad.we at Builders Square specialize in new construction and renovation if you still have no luck with your renovation please feel free to give me a buzz and i will be more than happy to visit your location or you can visit my completed site for demonstration


    Ijaz Alvi (Builders Square)

    Bahria Phase 7

    0343 5038861
      805 days ago 

      Naveed Ulhaq
      (1 post)

      I have more than 10 years experience in this field.Previously i worked with an Architect but now days i am working as a free lancer supervisor.

      Best regards

      Naveed Ulhaq

      0333 5833525

      0300 9586056
        745 days ago 

        (5 posts)
        If you want to complete your house with reasonable prices, contact us

        salman awan


        interior solution pvt ltd
          677 days ago 

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