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Adnan Akram
( 2 posts )

[7 Replies]

Can any one tell if it is possible convert indian commode into a english one. If possible, what issues should we expect and is it advisable to do so?

And we would like to do so on both ground floor and first floor.


    2325 days ago In Home Maintenance
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    Baber Rabban..
    (1628 posts)
    Yes. I think it can be done. No problem. Vice Versa is difficult. Means converting an English to an Indian one.

    Plumbers know about it and can do it easily. We had done this in our old home without any problem afterwards.
      2325 days ago 

      Adnan Akram
      (2 posts)
      I am relieved to know this.

      Thanks a lot Malik sahab :)
        2325 days ago 

        (1014 posts)
        Yes very easy..
          2325 days ago 

          Imran saeed
          (11 posts)
          Yes. I think it could be possible. No issue. The other way around is troublesome. Means changing over an English to an Indian one.

          Handymen think about it and can do it effectively. We had done this in our old home without any issue a short time later.
            2306 days ago 

            (11 posts)
            It is possible to convert the toilet into a makeshift Western toilet using a commode, or toilet chair

            Place the commode, or toilet chair, directly above the squat toilet. Commodes are available in Markets at medical supply shops and may be rented or purchased outright.

            Make sure both seats are up.

            Open the seats on the commode. There should be two seats, a solid seat to sit on when not using the toilet and a standard American-style toilet seat underneath it.
              2306 days ago 

              Ibrahim Suhe..
              (32 posts)
              Usually when you have to convert the other way round, the plumber and mistry would have to build a platform for the new Indian one. If you're converting to English from Indian, you can choose to place the English one on the platform or have the platform demolished and new tiles installed. The plumbing is virtually the same, I think. The existing P-trap should work fine with the English one.
                2306 days ago 

                Kuldip Verma
                (1 post)
                Cover the seat and surrounding with granite stone with 4 in ch hole with 4 inch pipe. On this install the english seat. The stone need to be fixed with silicon and cement
                  451 days ago 

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