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Abdul Baqi
( 7 posts )

[7 Replies]
I have couple of plumbing issues in my 1-kanal (3 story) house. I think the issues are in the design of my water flow system. I tried to solve these issues with the help of plumber but it didn’t work as expected because in my assessment plumbers can only do “quick fix” solutions rather than overhauling the existing water flow system. Following are the problems.
1. the water pressure in the upper 2 portions of my house is not enough to use the shower.
2. my water tank continuously overflows. The plumber replaced the floating ball, but to no avail.
3. the drainage system of my kitchen gets clogged every other month.
Please advise me which professionals i need to hire in order to overhaul or redesign the plumbing system of my house.

    2372 days ago In Home Maintenance
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    (1486 posts)
    Your city?

    We can help if you can contact us with details.



      2372 days ago 

      Abdul Baqi
      (7 posts)
      Thanks DSA for prompt response. For the sake of my information, I want to know which professional(s) design the plumbing system at the time of construction?
        2372 days ago 

        (1486 posts)
        It is plan and design by the designer or Architect you hire for your house design.


          2371 days ago 

          (221 posts)
          If you have still problem in your house then i can offer my services to resolve your this serious issue with my professional crew



            2273 days ago 

            Munawar Huss..
            (5 posts)
            There is not enough detail about the plumbing system of this house. The pipes must be dead in the floors. Replacing these with new pipes will be costly. In the new homes, I am suggesting plumbing systems which can be accessed for maintenance. If we provide drop ceilings in the houses and run all piping and electrical cables above the ceiling, there replacement in future will become easy.

            I seems some of the pipes of your house are clogged. What is the height of the water tank above the house? Just, I want know if the pressure is sufficient.
              2181 days ago 

              Baber Rabban..
              (1628 posts)
              Abdul Baqi Sb. We had pressure problem in our previous house. Now it's perfectly fine Allhamdolillah in new house. No one told me ever in previous house that one should divide bathrooms in house and each part should have separate outlet from the water tank. For example every two or more bathrooms in our house are connected with separate outlet from tank. Purpose of it is very important. Whatever is the size of your outlet, whenever some bathrooms are in use simultaneously, pressure in remaining will be low. Typical example is shower pressure problem before Jumma prayers in joint family or large families.

              I hope my point is clear. If you give me your email, I will send you picture of my water tank.
                2180 days ago 

                Mehmood ul H..
                (17 posts)
                Please contact us for 3D home exterior and interior design services.

                We are experienced architects based in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan working for 5 stars hotels and Royal Palaces.

                For more info and work samples, Please visit:



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                  1968 days ago 

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