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Zaheer iqbal
( 3 posts )

[5 Replies]
Aoa all,

The work you people doing for helping peoples like me to understand construction is awesome (bravo)...

I need some help regarding roof leveling. I constructed my house about 8 months back. The issue is that rain waters stops in few areas of roof as the roof is bit down at that place. I have to wipe out the water from these areas by my own. But the areas are not wide very much… One can say the water stops in around 10% of total area.

I contacted my contractor he said we will have to level the roof with new (chips farsh) of few inches. The cost he said for covered area of 1500 sq is labor around 20000 plus around 30 to 40 cement bags, sand trawly, chips and marble rods for making blocks.

But I asked him to level the areas downed with chips/cement and hence the water will easily flow, but he said that it is not possible. That's sound strange to me and I know it will give him nothing.

Kindly can some one help me what to do in this situation as short of funds and cannot invest much as already have to pay bribe for gas connection...

    2446 days ago In Home Maintenance
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    (1456 posts)
    You did mistake not to get the roof leveled properly at construction stage and now you should get your effected roof level with only cement sand mortar in ratio 1:3 or even you can do 1:4 ratio by ensuring the water flow properly and avoid to block at any place....

    By this process it hardly cost you around 5000-8000 Rs max including labor....

    Hope it will works


    Zulfiqar Ahmad
      2446 days ago 

      (1114 posts)
      If you paid your contractor for chips than its his responsibility to get it done and if not just get that 10% done.the max your looking at is 2 bags of cement may be 10 to 12 kg of sand 2 to 3 chips and one labour guy and your work is done .....max rs3000...but b4 all this speak to your contractor...
        2446 days ago 

        Zaheer iqbal
        (3 posts)

        Many thanks for reply....

        Brother roof is almost 80 to 90% level, but in two areas the roof is a bit down (not that much). But the idiots who do pluster and side walls work make the material in rood at different places and at end day didn't clean area properly and hence marks of that mixture remain in whole roof and hence roof is not plane. And when i viper it, after water cleaning i have to go and buy new viper. Yes i know what will u say that i have to check all this thing at the time of work, but brother i don't have any idea of these things before, now when i see works in my society and analysed them than getting the know how of these things.

        If any of you can give me Phone number so that i can call and get help... Also i can send u pics of my roof also and than u can tell what best to do...
          2445 days ago 

          (1456 posts)
          Zaheer Sb,

          I have already replied you in this thread even you need more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us....

            2420 days ago 

            Hamza Asif
            (829 posts)
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              2417 days ago 

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