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[11 Replies]
Well for sure many knows many things about plot and file .
But here i want to be very clear about something which many fail to recognize.
File= usually a file is your future plot ,without location and number,its the open land ,of what you pay installments as the land price.

Once the land price is paid , there comes developmental charges, and number of the plot, but again no exact location and demarcation.

Once developmental charges are paid ,then you have the location of your plot.

Then comes possession , once you pay possession charges ,then you get demarcation of your plot , and its final , now you are the legal owner and society cannot take it back (as of my understandings).

But the big dilemma is..
Some times the society includes the developmental charges in land price in the form of installments of the land of your plot , so here...I cannot understand as where is the time ,when final location of your plot with the plot number is guaranteed or shown to you?

I wish forum members/and friends participate in the discussion for common knowledge please.


    1992 days ago In Forum Suggestions
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    (814 posts)
    Is this topic not worth discussion?
      1991 days ago 

      (900 posts)
      What i understood from file " just hanging in air without any thing in hand". When it will materialize as plot number alloted , society acquired land, development then possession, a long journey, any time you become victim of society policies (delays), market crises, some scandal and out flow of investors, additional charges. Very risky but huge return/loss expected.

      Plot with possession is always a save and positive thing, at the end of day, you at least have some thing in hand. But then prices may go out of reach as well.

      Where to go now

        1991 days ago 

        (134 posts)
        I have bought a undeveloped plot which is all dues clear and development charges are also paid but transfer letter of society don't contain the plot number. It has only reference number. Society said that they will issue plot number on possession. What u say about this situation Mr.DK
          1989 days ago 

          (814 posts)
          ALL dues clear, developmental charges paid, and still no plot number?

          EITHER there is no map or yet no location of the block decided or the number of plots decided, any possibility can be there.

          BUT the biggest irony or problem lies in, that then what they sold to you , just a transfer letter? I hope some experts clarify it in detail.

          ITS BETTER YOU ASK the society about the issue.

          IN all bigger societies BAHRIA/DHA plot number is given before possession.
            1989 days ago 

            (134 posts)
            Mr DK, map is there and block number is mentioned in transfer letter. It is just plot number which is not written. And i m talking about gulberg which will be a bigger society. I have made phone call to society and told my reference number ,they replied the same plot number which i had bought.they said its our way not to write plot number.
              1989 days ago 

              (69 posts)
              Good points to bring in notice.
                1962 days ago 

                (883 posts)
                A plot is physical located place , have basic facilities almost ready to make home , a file is process in getting a plot ready to live in future .
                  1884 days ago 

                  (1 post)
                  Some one is offering me a plot of 5 marla in 18 lacs it has a possession tick on i just want to confirm should i go for it or not? Is it safe to buy that plot?
                    962 days ago 

                    (1 post)
                    No need to stress over these bloody rules. Every leech in this Goddamn city changes these rules according to their selfish desires.
                      424 days ago 

                      (12 posts)
                      Good Question, here some myths got debunked. Thanks
                        369 days ago 

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