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Farhad Hassa..
( 23 posts )

[4 Replies]
I think I have seen a several people asking about Roshan Digital Account, so here is a brief outline of all that you need to know about and how to apply for .

Roshan Digital Account was launched by the government through State Bank of Pakistan in collaboration with eight banks: Bank Alfalah, Faysal Bank, HBL, MCB, Meezan Bank, Samba Bank, Standard Charted and UBL.

These accounts are only available for overseas Pakistanis and provide an easy way for the non-residents to perform banking, payments and investment in Pakistan.

Although there are certain features which are available for all Roshan Digital Accounts but each bank may offer its own facilities.

Some of the common features from what I know include the option for investment Naya Pakistan Certificates but, more importantly for this forum, a number of real estate societies including DHA Lahore has already launched special offers for overseas Pakistanis who can only buy in specific blocks through Roshan Digital Accounts.

Meanwhile, here’s how you can apply for Roshan Digital Account which, if you provide all the documents, will be approved within 48 hours. Here’s how it goes:

1- First you will have to select a Bank: As I mentioned earlier you can choose one of the eight banks:

- Bank Alfalah

- Faysal Bank



- Meezan Bank

- Samba Bank

- Standard Charted


2. Once you have chosen a bank, you can go to its website to fill the form.

3. You will have the option to choose whether you want USD account or an NRP Pakistani Rupee Value Account. They might announce more currencies later.

4. Submit scans of following documents:


B - Passport (Pakistani and/or foreign country).

C - Proof of non-resident status.

D - Proof of work and funds.

If you are salaried: employment letter, salary slip or bank account statement.

If you are businessman: business registration document, business letter head or bank account statement

5. Submit a digital photo of yourself which will be taken at the time of application

Your account will be opened within 48 hours.

    164 days ago In Comments
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    Real Estate ..
    (23 posts)
    Hello. Are there any additional charges for opening Roshan Digital Account? Moreover, isn't this facility exclusive to overseas Pakistanis?
      156 days ago 

      (143 posts)
      What are the options for debit from RDA especially for families of NRP.
        134 days ago 

        M asif
        (45 posts)
        Is it possible to pay for any type of property transaction through RDA or it is limited to some particular housing societies only. If someone has the information kindly share.
          132 days ago 

          M asif
          (45 posts)
          Hi, kindly guide what is the best option for overseas transferring money for buying plot on cash. Is it possible to transfer funds through roshan digital account without any upper limit or documentation hurdles from the bank. Or any other options available.

          Recently had a bad experience where after payment of token money, bank held the transaction of balance amount until I provided income source etc. And the seller refused to refund the token.
            91 days ago 

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