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Gemcon Engin..
( 14 posts )

[10 Replies]
B 17 is one of the largest society in zone 2 islamabad. And after opening of new islamabad airport it's prices are increasing rapidly.

1. Dust issue finished

2. Water issue resolved

3. G block motorway interchange coming soon.

4. 24000+ plots

5. 15 minutes drive from airport via M1 AWT Sanjani Interchange

6. Main gt road access.

CPEC route, Margalla avenue & Rawalpindi Ring Road will further boost this area.

I've written about multi garden because i hardly found any post of b17 here in this forum.

My office is located in gate 1 b17 & we are proving construction & designing services.

For more info please contact:

Call: +923035410444, 051 5445027

    81 days ago In General Advice
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    Imran A.
    (95 posts)
    Ring road exit 8 will be at sangjani the doorstep of B block of Multi.

    I think ring road will be completed before G block interchange. So A,B blocks of multi are close to a big jump soon.

    Latest map of Ring Road. Work between Hakla and new Airport is 80% completed already.
      81 days ago 

      Imran A.
      (95 posts)

      How is the house sale market in B block of B-17? I have a 40x80 and I am thinking to construct it for selling. Kindly advise.
        79 days ago 

        Gemcon Engin..
        (14 posts)
        Asslam o Alikum.

        Mr. Imran here construction of houses is going very fast in all blocks.

        B block is vey famous in multigarden as compared to other blocks

        because of its commercial activity & rental value.

        For construction of your house please contact below.

        Call: +92 303 5410444
          78 days ago 

          Imran A.
          (95 posts)
          Great News today about B-17 & Faisal Hills

          Inshallah things are looking good for Multi now.

          After seven years, work on Margalla Road construction to begin

            77 days ago 

            Kashif Ehsan
            (76 posts)
            Which is the best block for resale of house?
              77 days ago 

              Imran A.
              (95 posts)
              A,B & C
              But time to buy is now or never. Once new tender is advertised, prices will jump upwards and if FWO gets the contract then Margalla Avenue is a reality within months.
                77 days ago 

                Imran A.
                (95 posts)
                CDA conducted massive operation today at Sangjani. They are clearing both sides of GT road with heavy machinery.

                This is the exact location where exit 8 of ring road and margalla avenue will be connected.

                So finally good things are coming to B-17 & Faisal Hills.
                  76 days ago 

                  Muhammad Tah..
                  (24 posts)
                  Dear Experts, What will be the initial steps to start the construction for 7 Marla house in B17? Assume design is ready. What will be the steps to get Electricity/water etc....
                    63 days ago 

                    Imran A.
                    (95 posts)

                    1. Get posession letter from Multi office.
                    2. Visit site office and ask for demarkation
                    3. Next day get soil test done
                    4. Get map made by any architect
                    5. Submit map in multis office for CDA approval
                    6. Start construction after they give you receipt

                    Multi is the fastest, no need to wait longtime for their approvals.
                      62 days ago 

                      Gemcon Engin..
                      (14 posts)
                      Show your Map in Multi Site Office for Gas and Water Connection. They will tell you the procedure for electricity connection.
                        59 days ago 

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